Our Future Depends On
How Well-Educated Our Children Are And Will Be

US Public Education, Tennessee Example In Detail

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Originally 2008, last updated December 2, 2019

The public noticed 25 years ago that high school graduates who worked operating a cash register, could not make a change or do any mental mathematics if the cash register lost power. Today, most high school graduates cannot read and cannot write but only block letters and cannot ven fill out a job application. In Tennessee, more than 80% of those who receive a diploma are not ready or prepared to learn. Yet we spend more money per student than most of the 20 best-performing countries. We dropped to the bottom of the industrialized nations. Be prepared for a lot more below.

Why has our public education been doing poorly for more than five decades?
Why are we not doing well?

If someone wants to become a teacher, the potential future teacher cannot ensure that he is the right type of person for teaching. High performing ountries in education test for this. Beyond 4th grade, successful teach requires a high I.Q., Master's degree in the subject they will teach in 4th - Grade, a personality matching the teaching profession: very open, friendly, and firm, loves the subject he teaches so that he is aware of technical development nd the job possibilities within it. He/she teaches with infectious enthusiasm, keeps learning on his/her own about new teaching methods, knowing first-hand how his job is done in countries that are very successful in education. Uses on his own t new better tools available on the Internet for teaching to improve his results. We all ASSUME that the state sets the standards high enough. They do not. Tennessee, for more than 15 years, set the state goal at an average A.C.T. score of only 21, that equates to 75-85% of graduates NOT BEING READY. WE WONDER WHY WE GRADUATE CHILDREN WITH SUCH A POOR EDUCATION THAT VIRTUALLY GUARANTEES HOMELESSNESS. IT WOULD BE LESS COSTLY TO STATE DURING HIGH SCHOOL IF WE CANNOT EDUCATE THEM PROPERLY, THEN KEEP THEM IN HIGH SCHOOL 1-4 YEARS LONGER UNTIL THEY TEST READY. Unfortunately, we found after years investigating that all the above areas have to be satisfied to create a good teacher, for which the teacher trainee cannot be responsible. To make things worse, the working conditions for many teachers are also not good enough, making a teacher's job unpleasant, because they are being treated like bricklayers...

Today, our teaching colleges ASSUME that teaching will be the righ profession for almost anyone. Many college students give up their original major because it is too hard and change to teaching BECAUSE IT IS EASIER. Those would rarely be the right match for teaching. The teacher candidate has no idea if the teacher's college they attend will do an excellent job teaching them, or not. They ASSUME that they will, after all, they are state-approved to do so. After college graduation, the teacher candidate must pass the state certificatio program to ensure that they are fully qualified to prepare our children successfully for job training. But the certification qualifies to a meager standard which needs to be raised. What is evident is that the state education board and the education department do not care or they have no idea if the standard for teachers is adaquate or not. THIS IS NOT MAGIC! LOOK AT 19 YEARS OF A.C.T. SCORES. THE STATE TEST HAS BEEN DUMBED DOWN. THE A.C.T. HAS NOT!Click here For more information about teacher preparation.

The state department of education's, school districts' and high schools' objective needs to be an A.C.T. score based on what their A.C.T. score was in the prior year, plus 10% minimum. The school districts had a "90% graduation rate" objective that creates pressure on the principals and teachers during the last month of the school year to pass children with low performance so that they graduate. Not because they earned good enough grades. They happen to be too low (to be explained later). Failing. But meeting the 90% graduation rate is more important?!

I visited several different high performing countries in education to learn about their education system in detail. I also sat in on several high school science and mathematics classes. There were quite a few brilliant children who asked good questions in class. The teachers had to go to the book to answer them 1-5 times per class. What I heard from the students the most was "Mr.; I have to spend 6-7 hours in boring classes every day. Most of us hate being in school." Our schools and the state leadership must prepare their high school graduates for TOMORROW'S JOBS or HIGHER LEARNING and at least BE UP TO DATE WITH THE CURRICULUM-RELATED KNOWLEDGE by graduation time. As an objective that means a 27 average A.C.T. score to ensure that 70% of graduates are prepared A.C.T. Ready instead of the current 17% readiness in Tennessee. We graduate the great majority of our children in Tennessee including 83% who are NOT EVEN A.C.T. READY, cannot read, write, fill out a job application, do not know basic mathematics, and have a bad attitude. We do this at a time when major new technological developments will be unfolding in just three years, and we are already far behind. Cognitive robotics (that can learn) will replace many vocations, nanotechnology will change the design, manufacturing and materials science of almost everything lowering cost significantly, and space science wil bring huge changes, much bigger than the change from the horse and buggy to the automobile. Our high school graduates are already unprepared when they have to know much more than today to be trainable. The state departments of education appear to be doing some things (e.g., "Cut Scores" change the pass/fail points in state tests to graduate children who otherwise would fail) that hurt our children's education. They are also not doing other things, e.g., explaining what constitutes objectives that work, and not requiring annual operating plans in schools that focus all supervisory people on monthly objectives to meet the annual target. This is basic management practice!

We have a critical job to do in many areas to improve our public education. Do not blame the front-line troops, the teachers, for the bad results. They have enough bullets aimed at them unfairly. We treat them almost like laborers. But we better put the magnifying glass on the state departments of education to clean up "low expectation" attitudes and not being truthful with the public. The problem is with them AND THE GOVERNORS, who don't ensure the kind of experience that is required to run education in a competitive world and hire the wrong people for the task. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. Something makes it a hazardous practice. The voting public assumes that if someone wins by popular vote and has the title, such a person would know what to do. Look at the A.C.T. results chart for two decades to see how poorly we educate our children. Do you think that it can be improved without the recommended changes within school operation statewide? Unfortunately, the majority of such candidates, don't know what the job will need. Click here if you are interested in learning more now.

A.C.T. College and Career Readiness
What Is It?

Situation Report

The goal of high school education is to satisfy employer or university or vocational training school requirements for a handful .

In the chart below, the black numbers are the actual A.C.T. scores. The red percentages below the black A.C.T. scores are the average A.C.T. Readiness percentage/year of graduates. The third group, red percentages again, represents THE AVERAGE PERCENTAGE OF GRADUATES who are NOT A.C.T. READY. Their numbers are shocking. These are students for minimum wage jobs after graduation, who will be jobless in less than five years, replaced by robotics. However, robotics has started already replacing a tiny number of degreed graduate positions before 2019, and will also advance further as cognitive robotics appears in the market by 2022.



Let's look at a close to average Tennessee, Knox County high schools' A.C.T. results. The best performing high school's A.C.T. Readiness is only 53%, and the worst performer is close to zero percent. This school district spent two and a half times as much per student for 19 years in the worst performing school than in the others, without any change in 19 years. This kind of extreme spending is common in public school districts: management and elected boards think that money will solve the problems, because they don't know how to solve it. But they keep wasting the money for decades. There are many other wasteful spending examples, for example school district management groups are four to ten times normal. Positions have been created to solve problems that management knowhow could solve without staff additions, and the positions created have been filled with friends or relatives who also cannot solve the problem. As the years went by, they just keep adding staff and the poor performance gets worse. Or a superintendent befriends the principal of a poorly performing high school for six years. The principal's high school performance just kept getting worse. Clearly neither the principal nor the superintendent know what to do. So the superintendent promotes his principal friend to head and improve ALL SCHOOLS' PERFORMANCE. That's 89 schools. That was five years ago and nothing improved. The only thing this level of expertise accomplishes is wasting many millions of dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR. And no one stands up on the state level to fix such extremely expensive problems because no one knows how to fix them. This kind of spending and delivering of poor results has to stop. For that, they need an excellent superintendent with solid management training and experience, one with an excellent track record for at least five years, one who turned around a poorly performing organization before. The big problem is that more than 13,500 school districts may have only a handful of such superintendents, and a superintendent development program does not exist. But the country has many retired vice presidents, who managed much more than 100 employees. They could be of great help.


A.C.T.'s Benchmark for "A.C.T. Readiness" must meet all of the individual benchmark subject scores that are Mathematics/Algebra (score:22), Science/Biology (score:23), Reading/Social Science (score:22), English Composition (score:18). THOSE WHO PASS ALL FOUR SUBJECT TESTS ARE "A.C.T. READY" AND HAVE A 50%-75% CHANCE TO PASS THE FOUR, FIRST-YEAR COLLEGE-LEVEL COURSES, BY THE SAME SUBJECT NAME AS THE A.C.T. BENCHMARKS WERE. U.S. universities require a 26 or higher score in A.C.T. math to be admitted to a mathematics, any science or engineering or economics degree program. Most have an A.C.T. 26-31 ADMISSION REQUIREMENT, as well. The benchmarks are A.C.T. scores that represent the minimum benchmark value in each of the four benchmark subjects. The minimum A.C.T. benchmark target-scores represent a percentage of "A.C.T. Readiness" or prepared students in a high school's graduating class in a specific year. But the minimum benchmark scores also represent the minimum A.C.T. Readiness of an individual student. An A.C.T. score of 22 or 23 represents only that the student is only about 25% prepared in the subject. But in English Composition, the minimum readiness score is only 18, which represents ONLY 10% A.C.T. Readiness. To the best of my knowledge, we are not in African Uganda with 43 tribal languages, we are in the USA and our official language is English and not Swahili or Bantu or 41 other. In our most important subject, English Composition, any student who is 10% prepared is A.C.T. Ready in that subject. IMAGINE NOW THAT WE GRADUATE IN TENNESSEE MORE THAN 80% YEAR AFTER YEAR FOR DECADES WHO ARE NOT A.C.T. READY, AND THERE ARE A FEW STATES THAT ARE WORSE AND A FEW THAT ARE BETTER. Our schools blame poverty that is rapidly increasing, and parents. The truth is that OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE CREATING POVERTY. The truth is that most inner city parents lack education, and work their fingers to the bone to just survive as single parents. The truth really is that our schools are not as good as they claim and must improve. The truth is that there are education systems, that create outstanding results uniformly, minorities and all, but they select and educate teachers differently, and teach differently (e.g., Finland) but our leaders from the governor on down have zero interest in finding out how they do it. I went there and to other places to find out. I wrote to the previous governor seven times. No reply from anyone. I wrote to the current governor of Tennessee three times about this problem. Again no reply from anyone. Most high schools have only 15-25% A.C.T. Ready students of those graduating. This is a deplorable result, because "THOSE NOT ACT READY" are 75-85% of graduates (95-97% OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS!) who can only get minimum wage jobs for a handful of years at best before robots replace them. The sad thing is that the schools do not explain this clearly to parents, who are under the impression that getting a diploma means that their child is prepared well and ready to learn an excellent job. If the child graduates but is not A.C.T. Ready, the schools tell the parent that all children are not made for college by God, but they will do well by learning a profession - falsely reassuring the parent. Note that Success Academy Schools of N.Y.C. achieves 90%+ results beating even several private schools, and do it with poor, inner-city black students. No one visits them to see how they do it from our education management. I did. We could learn a lot about how we could improve at a fast rate. Don't blame your schools and teachers. The problem is with the state education leadership and the governors. A.C.T. offers a much better test instrument for future readiness for the long term, called STEM ACT. It is not just for engineering and science jobs, as the schools tell you. A.C.T. Readiness is far from College Completion readiness, as many schools will NOT tell you. A.C.T. Readiness ONLY means that the student has a 50-75% CHANCE to pass the four first-year college courses in Mathematics, Biology, Reading/Social Science and English Composition if the student passed the admission and required prerequisite requirements for these courses. The passing benchmark scores represent only a 25% A.C.T. readiness in the course, and the English benchmark score represents only an approximate 10% Readiness. For a graduate to make enough money to be self-supporting, the A.C.T. Readiness would need to be much higher. THINK ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS IF THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE IS NOT A.C.T. READY! THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT AMONG TENNESSEE GRADUATES WITH A DIPLOMA MORE THAN 80% ARE NOT READY (nationally 74%). LOOK AT THE CHART TO SEE HOW LONG THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON! INVESTIGATE WHAT I AM WRITING HERE, AND IF YOU ARE SATISFIED THAT I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, ASK YOUR GOVERNOR WHY HE/SHE LET THIS HAPPEN! AFTER ALL, WE THE PUBLIC ARE PAYING FOR IT, AND WE EXPECT MUCH BETTER. WHEN WE PAY FOR SOMETHING, WE ALL EXPECT IT TO FUNCTION VERY WELL. LET HIM TELL US WHY PUBLIC EDUCATION IS DIFFERENT.


Can U.S. public schools keep up in the future?

***** We went from the horse and buggy to the moon in a hundred years. *****

Our public education did not keep pace with technological advances like the high performing countries' education systems do. It starts with the fact that our teacher training programs have not changed enough with the times at our colleges and universities, the teacher training curriculum is the weakest and easiest attracting under performing students. American teachers are coming from the bottom third of their university performance, whereas other nations take them from the top third, and even top 10% (Finland) OF A FULL BS/MS PROGRAM IN THE SUBJECT THEY WILL TEACH above 4th grade, and are matched to the teaching profession before they are hired. This is a huge difference. They are prepared well to be excellent teachers, their teaching performance brings excellent results, and such results create the highest respect from the public. We can see how good our school performance is in the ACT and SAT results and the international tests. Our state tests are weak because the curriculum is weak, and they have been dumbed down to pass students who would otherwise fail. Teachers are not to be blamed for this. It is the state education departments and governors who create and allow this bad situation.

New technologies increase employer requirements and that change is not reflected in today's high school education, such as making Algebra II, Geometry, Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry in mathematics, and adding Chemistry and Physics as well at MINIMUM. Those we compete with in an international environment complete a year of Calculus as well as part of education. The choice is not complex. Our results are poor because our teacher training became poor, and mangement training does not exist for principals and superintendents and management knowhow from the state departments of education is lacking and some governors is also absent. WE NEED PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT KNOWHOW IN EDUCATION INSTEAD OF POLITICAL BEHAVIOR AND POLITICAL METHODS THAT ARE CAUSING OUR POOR PERFORMANCE.

1. ACTIONS NEEDED: Poorly performing organizations cannot recover without using "Management by Objectives (MBO)." The biggest challenge is that employees who have been in a poorly performing system keep working the same way as for several years in the past. They are afraid of any change, especially a change that measures their performance. However, it is not possible for a poorly performing organization to recover without monthly performance measurement, e.g., with GPA per class, teacher, school and school district. The A.C.T. is available only annually for high school and school didstrict. For growth the monthly performance check is important. The A.C.T. is much more accurate and it is the best tool for calibrating the GPA results. Most people who were part of a poorly performing organization cannot change easily to a much healthier thought of "what do I need to learn to get better results" and view that as a healthy challenge. That is why "MBO" is vitally important.

ACADEMIC FOCUS: VERY IMPORTANT: ELIMINATE "90% graduation objective" and use instead "last year's A.C.T. score plus 10% minimum for the objective, coupled with monthly individual school academic objectives (e.g., G.P.A.) for all supervisory employees that drive A.C.T. achievement. The push for 90% graduation rate with an average A.C.T, 21 goal In Tennessee means that the goal is an unacceptable 25% A.C.T Readiness, with 75% OF THE GRADUATES NOT BEING READY FOR ANY JOB FOR LIFE! In addition the "90% of students graduating" goal, set for almost 20 years now, created pressures during the last month of the school year to dumb down the state test ("Cut Scores"), and to make superintendents and principals push for promoting children who would othertwise fail, by changing the pass/fail point (60% good answers normally) down, below 30% in some courses to pass and graduate many children who are very poorly prepared. That is why we have an extremely high percentage of graduates who are not A.C.T. Ready. Isn't it obvious to all that what we need is an educational objective, an A.C.T. score than is 10% higher than the prior year's score?

Very important for teacher success: a test for a psychological match to the teaching profession, raising subject training to Master's level, using Internet-based teaching tools, learning new teaching methodologies, and learning to use the best lectures by the best professors nationally in the subject they teach. Good teachers love their subject enough to keep up with future developments. It would be ideal if they could alternate their jobs between teaching and business where they actually use their subject knowledge.





ELECTED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARDS', SUPERINTENDENTS' AND PRINCIPALS' TRAINING: Management-by-Objectives, Annual Operating Plans, Zero-based Budgeting training, focus on A.C.T.' “Core Plus 2” plus honors courses, set goal at average 27 A.C.T. for 80% A.C.T. Readiness in five years. If you achieved results with the poor, very old training and with the enormous inefficiency we had to date, the far better results will come with actually less effort if we do things properly.

2. ACTIONS: Poorly performing organizations can't recover without redefining "EXCELLENCE." They claim "excellence for all children" when more than 70% of graduates are not A.C.T. Ready. Any statements or communication in any form by a public education system, especially after our poor history, must communicate the truth and nothing but the truth on all communications to ANY recipient.

• In a poorly performing environment, mediocre performance is accepted as EXCELLENT. A.C.T. Readiness is NOT excellence even at 100%, but only "meets requirements" at best, because the curriculum is not competitive. 80% Readiness is a must in 5 years.

• To that end, we must have ZERO TOLERANCE for discipline problems.

• Our goal of 80% A.C.T. READINESS requires not spending money on other than an excellent education, technology, and maintenance of improving A.C.T. scores 10% per year. Reduce central management staffing to 2% of total school district full-time employees who do a good job. We must keep only those who do a good job. For that, measurable objectives must exist for all employees. If that cannot be defined, why hire them?

• Any school district must communicate only the truth and nothing but the truth. Currently this is totally ignored.

3. ACTIONS: Poorly performing organizations can't recover without "GOOD FUNDAMENTALS."

• Plan the coming year well, with monthly measurable G.P.A. objectives to deliver much better results by students than in the past.

• Provide a financial incentive and recognition plaques to teachers and principals who exceed a 10% higher G.P.A., than last year's, or 3.5 GPA, whichever is lower.

• Evaluate together every month which and what teacher-created the best results and how it was done.

• Graduate only those who are A.C.T. Ready, keep those who are not, for up to two more years.

• Require management training for Superintendents.

• Keep a voting-public record of all elected school district board members on all votes that would reduce spending or (or except for those that) increase education results. Locally elected school district boards of education do not and cannot contribute to improving our education system. Their voting majority does not have enough knowhow. Appointed boards can be very helpful (e.g. in a form of US Public schools is one called a “charter school”).


• For our future citizens: our children's and grandchildren's economic survival.

• High school graduates feed the workforces of all industries.

• The training of our industries' workforces affects the quality and profitability of the companies in our industries. We compete today with international competitors at home and in most countries.

• Poorly prepared high school graduates, like most U.S. graduates today, lower our industries' income, and also our national income. We do not have enough national income, and our national debt skyrocketed.

• Our high schools, therefore, must be competitive with the best countries. We are far from them today.

Additional considerations for actions

• A.C.T. depends on the education community for income. That is likely to influence their test results to show the best possible "picture" with their test results. The purposeful dumbing down of the public unfortunately exists.

• U.S. Constitution does not provide any guidelines for education. Individual state constitutions and laws delegate all spending and education-related decisions to locally elected school boards. There are more than 13,500 such school boards in the U.S. The decision-making majority of such boards lack the necessary knowhow. The U.S. Constitution not covering public education is not a good reason for no standardization nationally on the most important things in education. For example high school graduation requirements, advancement student requirements to each grade, minimum curriculum in K-12, teacher and superintendent qualification revised, prerequisites for entry into a teaching program in any college or university, single-subject focus with a BS/BA and MS/MA in the subject that a candidate will teach above grade four, with a plan to achieve such a qualification. If that is not possible, expect cognitive robotics with Artificial Intelligence to replace education as we know it, because what we have is destroying our children's ability to make a living.

• Politicians believe that if they suggest changes, the education entity will have them voted out.

OBSERVATION: Jobs are getting more sophisticated. The fewer demanding jobs are going to robots. It is a tougher world out there. The jobs require more knowledge. When things were easier, both schools and parents were tougher with the children in the school and at home. So, we made everything easier for children, with much less pressure in school and at home, allowing children to misbehave and learn less than before. WE DID THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN, FOR A TOUGHER WORLD THAT REQUIRES MORE KNOWLEDGE IN THE SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS...

Go figure...Have we been dumbed down this much?!






The A.C.T. score range is 1-36. The test is given after 11th Grade, to learn what children learned from grade one to twelve. A.C.T. also offers a test called ASPIRE, for each grade, from grade 3 to grade 10. ASPIRE indicates in each grade what the individual student’s A.C.T. score is likely to be in grade 11 if the student keeps progressing the same way. This is an excellent predictive test for parents as well as school management because, at any grade level, ASPIRE indicates what the final school district’s or individual student’s A.C.T. score is likely to be. Having a tool like ASPIRE, both the parent and the school would see what courses’ performance is weak, starting with third grade. If a parent and the school know that a student’s performance is too weak at any grade from 3 to 10, they can act to correct the situation. Otherwise, the A.C.T. score may come as a big surprise.

The A.C.T. score is the average of four A.C.T. subject tests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The student that meets the target scores of all four benchmark tests qualifies as "A.C.T. READY." A.C.T. Readiness only means that if a student passed the four benchmarks (in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science), then that student has a 50% - 75% CHANCE to pass the college FRESHMAN LEVEL of the same four subjects only (that is the FRESHMAN LEVEL English, Mathematics, Reading and Science courses) and NOTHING ELSE. Verify at https://www.act.org/content/act/en/college-and-career-readiness/ benchmarks.html.

Please note that being just "A.C.T. Ready" does not indicate that a child is prepared for the better paying future jobs even on the lowest level, especially jobs that relate to any future science, engineering or economics Courses. It must be obvious that those students who are not A.C.T. Ready, are likely to remain unemployed most of their lives.

Let me tell you how fast technologies are moving ahead. Ten years ago a $1,000 computer had the same computing power as a mouse brain. By 2025 a $1,000 computer will be much smaller, but with the same computing power as a human brain. By 2045 the $1,000 computer will be very tiny; it's peripheral devices will change very significantly and brain implants and its computing power will exceed the power of ALL HUMAN BRAINS ON THIS EARTH COMBINED (source is Ray Kurtzweil, Google's V.P. of technology. His forecasts have been 89% accurate for the past 30 years). Today's children will be alive then, and so will be our grandchildren. Robotics is advancing just as fast as computers, along with many other technologies, and will replace the jobs of those students who are not A.C.T. Ready by 2024 or before. Many college education based careers, such as accounting, nursing, teaching, and many more unless such individuals continued an earnest learning effort to stay ahead of robotics for employment. Our high school education is already seriously behind many nations as of 2019, and there is no sign of any improvement. Japan started this serious continuing education 30 Years ago. We do have a couple of hundred high schools with close to 100% A.C.T. Readiness, But some states like Tennessee do not have any, and if one writes to the governors of the low performing states, there will be no answer from anyone. We will see a huge group of new sciences and technologies become very active by 2022: nanotechnology that will change most engineering design and manufacturing activities with major cost-reduction, robotics with nanometer resolution of components in design (nanometer=one millionth of a meter) including invisible and cognitive robotics at a much lower cost, and space science, whose high speed, antigravity engines among other things will create even greater benefits than the automobile industry did - IF WE TURN AROUND OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS SIGNIFICANTLY. OTHERWISE, OTHER NATIONS WILL BENEFIT, THOSE WHO MAINTAINED AN EXCELLENT K-12 EDUCATION SYSTEM.

Technology changes always eliminate low-level jobs with robotics, and bring many jobs with better pay, but requiring much more education. We fell behind in education and that will create a big problem that we are already feeling.

A.C.T. already has a new term for READINESS for jobs that will ensure a proper income for a family of four longer-term.

It is called STEM A.C.T., it includes Calculus, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and the A.C.T. score must be at or above 26, which will gradually increase. The education systems were teaching all this in the higher-performing international countries and in some Northern US states 40 or more years ago.

Our public education has fallen behind starting more than 50 years ago. We became the highest spending country per student. We dropped to the bottom of the industrialized countries by 2016. Our governors and state departments of education leadership did a terrible job. All governors spent more money on education since 1970, but not on things that would increase learning as measured by the A.C.T. scores. Those sciences that are coming in a couple of years, will need even more, far better prepared high school graduates. INTERESTING OBSERVATION: SINCE 1970 WE SPENT MORE EVERY YEAR TO THIS DAY AND BECAME THE HIGHEST SPENDER. BUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES DECLINED. YET QUITE A FEW GOVERNORS WANTED TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE "EDUCATION GOVERNOR". We wrote to our current and prior Tennessee governors specific questions about our poorly performing public education system during the last ten years. We did not receive a single response from them or anyone else for them. Not a single letter. BUT THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE GOVERNOR IN MORE THAN 50 YEARS, WHO SEEING THIS TREND SINCE 1970 STOOD UP TO INITIATE A FORENSIC AUDIT (THIS IS AN INVESTIGATIVE AUDIT) TO EXAMINE WHERE THE MONEY GOES. WHEN PERFORMANCE IS BAD, YOU HAVE TO CORRECT INTERNAL PROBLEMS WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION, INSTEAD OF SPENDING MORE MONEY AFTER THE CHILDREN GRADUATED FOR SOME FORM OF SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING. REVERSING A POOR 12-YEAR EDUCATION COSTS A FORTUNE, AND IT DOES NOT MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE IN THE POOR GRADUATION RECORD.

Who is going to “pay” for making such a huge mistake?



Why be competitive internationally with high school graduates everywhere in the US? The public is misinformed about public education in order to make education look better than what it was and is today. It has been getting worse. To cover that, the states made the state-tests easier to get "higher" grades. There was no national standard that we could find anywhere to identify what level of minimum knowledge represents qualification for a high school diploma to identify those children who were prepared to learn more to qualify for income that is reasonable for a normal life for a four-member family. NO US STATE HAS SUCH STANDARDS. WHY DOESN'T THE ENTIRE NATION HAVE SUCH A STANDARD THAT IS INTERNATIONALLY COMPETITIVE? Why on earth would individual states require differing standards that create duplication of expensive staff in each state? In some cases, the duplication is at the school district level, and we have more than 13,500 of them in the nation. The states have such standards, but they differ and are not ensuring necessary minimum earnings level and international competitiveness. Why be competitive internationally with high school graduates everywhere? Why have national standards that are uniform and internationally competitive. Without that an excellent education is impossible. In 2006 A.C.T. published that the requirements for job training or college are the same. A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA USED TO BE A "GUARANTEE" FROM THE STATE THAT THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE IS READY FOR UNIVERSITY OR JOB TRAINING. CLICK HERE TO LEARN EXACTLY WHAT A.C.T. READINESS IS. Then the state education departments and and state boards of education decided to graduate children who were not ready, de-emphasizing and practically forgetting the importance of readiness for life after high school. They started using 90% GRADUATION RATE as the REAL target to achieve, with extremely low graduation requirements. So, we started graduating more children who were not ready for further studies, who otherwise would have failed high school. To this day, no one in a political leadership position corrected this situation; a situation that will endanger our children's lives. We think that we all would like to know why our leadership in either party knew what we found and decided decade after decade to do nothing to raise the A.C.T. scores. Why the A.C.T. scores? Because the A.C.T. and S.A.T. scores are national tests, that the state education department cannot change to produce higher student grades. If our schools in Tennessee as an example cannot teach more than 18-20% of all those who graduated and know enough to be ready according to A.C.T., then who would be responsible for 80% of graduates not being ready to learn a job year after year? Who are the people responsible for such a disaster? The Superintendent of state education, the state board of education who are appointed by governors, and the governor?

We respectfully request that the state conduct forensic audits, to find out where we are wasting big money (e.g., bloated central management in school districts and state education department, examining both performance and the necessity of each position justified because the really needed decisions are not being made) why we produce dismal results compared to countries who spend less yet produce superior results, while they account for ALL education-related spending in public, and we do not. We also respectfully request that we survey the competitiveness and quality of our teacher selection and training programs, the time demand on teachers, as well as a survey of teacher compensation competitiveness based on classroom education achievement results. What we show for 19 years of A.C.T. results is far from what we need according to employers and college professors, and when schools graduate children who cannot read and write properly and do not even know basic mathematics, it is time to seriously redesign and fix this failing system, instead of telling the public that all is well, so that they can get a big surprise 5-10 years later about their child's employability.

Today, more than 80% of those we are graduating from high school in Tennessee ARE NOT READY, AND OUR HIGH SCHOOLS SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH TO GRADUATE 90% who should be ready. Someone important must have known and approved such a destructive decision for graduation when the child is not prepared well enough, in which to this day, our children's future became totally unimportant to our leaders. It is time to put aside political correctness. This was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Doesn't anyone realize how much such a huge mistake will cost us?! This is upsetting. Read on to find out what huge percentage of children are not ready, but are graduated from high school and given a diploma instead of keeping them for 1-2 more years to graduate many more prepared children who will be prepared to learn to become self-supporting.

We have been ruining our children's ability for decades to earn a living with the poor education they received in public high school. WHY DID WE DO THAT? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR EDUCATION QUALITY IN EACH STATE?

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifPlease look at two 8th grade final exams: one is from 1895, and the other is from 1912. Are we doing well enough in public education by 8th grade to pass such tests? These tests are for children who finished only eight grades about 100+ years ago, not high schools. What do you think? Are we going forward or backward? 19 years of A.C.T. scores and the A.C.T. readiness tell us where we were for 19 years. We have fallen significantly behind other countries, they went up, and they are business competitors of ours. Take a look at our 19 years of A.C.T. performance in the chart below. We will explain more about it as we go further.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifThe A.C.T. tests 59% of the graduating American students. Since 1970 spending per student skyrocketed, but the A.C.T. scores that show what a child learned from grade one to twelve, did not change from the poor performance area. Not a single governor stood up to stop the spending increases, identify why this is happening and correct the problems in the schools SUCH THAT THE A.C.T. SCORES INCREASED. We use the A.C.T. score as the most reliable indicator of academic progress. Since several excellent school systems exist internationally, our high school results and lack of improvement are a sad situation to put it mildly.



/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifLet's look at the high schools' performance also in the Knox County School District in Tennessee. What becomes obvious right away is the fact that performance of the high schools is very broad, but none of them are in a high enough performance area. This is the result of teacher and principal skill levels being all over the place, and both elected boards and superintendents not being trained well enough. This is not the teachers' and principals' fault. It is the fault of low standards set by the state education department, and ultimately the governors. This is a huge problem that is unaddressed to this day.


/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifExcellent high school graduates with 90%+ readiness are very important for any country. We do not have enough of them. But we do have many in high school and even in college graduates who are far from being ready. College professors and employers are complaining about the poor training of high school graduates: they cannot read and write properly, don't know basic math and have a bad attitude. Public high school graduates "feed" our universities and all of our industrial and governmental workforces. We have been paying one of the highest rates per student in the world in elementary and high schools, but our public high school performance fell behind other industrialized nations, with only 25% readiness. That means that your child may have received a diploma but not enough education to be prepared to be self-supporting.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifPlease look at the graph below. A diploma is a promise by any state or nation that indicates the recipient to be ready to become a productive member of society in terms of future needs of employers. I am very sorry, but this performance in Tennessee or nationally is so bad, that around 75% of those to whom we give a diploma are not ready nationally, and more than 80% of high school graduates with a diploma in Tennessee are not ready. The public pays in taxes one of the highest amounts per student in the world and receive a totally unacceptable job for it. The state education departments do things that make the grades look better than the students' knowledge warrants by far, to keep graduating students in school to graduate them, who know less and less. If such misrepresentations were done with the public's education using the public's money to damage the public's children, THEN WHAT HAVE WE BECOME AS A NATION? CERTAINLY NOT A GOD-FEARING NATION AS WE WERE, BUT A NATION OF SATAN'S PAEDOFILIA WITH THE KILLING OF BABIES WITH FAMOUS NAMES IN POLITICS ENJOYING IT AND NO TRIALS YET FOR SUCH MURDERS. We will also show that the readiness definition of high school graduates is too optimistic for official eyes, but the truth is significantly worse. The public is not informed of this, and is told false stories by the political and education leadership. WHY IS IT THAT WE TOLERATE SUCH PEOPLE IN ANY LEADERSHIP POSITION? ARE WE JUST ACCEPTING AGAIN STATUS QUO BECAUSE IT IS TO HARD TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THING?

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifThe product, service, and work quality of all industries depend on how good a job a country's public education is doing. Many other countries improved much better their public high school education to have a better workforce than we did. A better educated workforce can create better products and services and increasing profitability that in turn creates more tax income for their country. We compete with foreign companies' products at home and in any other country. We see our and foreign products everywhere. WE HAVE BEEN COMPETING WORLDWIDE FOR MANY DECADES. LET THERE BE NO DOUBT THAT FOR THIS REASON, OUR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION MUST BECOME MUCH BETTER TO BE COMPETITIVE WITH THE BEST IN THE WORLD. WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THAT. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT WE MUST IMPROVE OUR EDUCATION RESULTS, SHOULD NOT BE WORKING WITHIN PUBLIC EDUCATION OR ABOVE IT. We did not improve. Lower high school education hurts our workforce, and our national income cannot be sustained that way. We could not generate enough national income, necessitating borrowing that becomes our high national debt, on which we have to pay interest that "controlling outsider group". More about them later.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifWe have a major illiteracy problem in the USA everywhere and we are doing nothing about it. Why? Please click on it to read it. Just answer this: how can your child learn and live if the school graduates him, but he cannot read, cannot do basic math and he thinks that the world owes him a much better living?

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifNew technologies have been increasing more and more rapidly over the years. New technologies replace some old jobs and create some new jobs for which employees need more technically educated workers. Our high school performance must keep pace with technology-related improvements. Unfortunately, we fell behind.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifNew technologies are the tools that enable our industries to develop more competitive products and services in a global market. Any country we visit internationally, we see products and services from many other countries. Several decades ago, I traveled regularly to many countries. American products were the most popular then. We lost that edge.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifFor any medium-to-large American corporation of any industry, the sale and service income that comes from other countries is important enough to make or break that corporation's or industry's survival. We lost several industries in the past, that we dominated, such as consumer electronics, heavy machinery, and so on. It also impacts the income of our nation. International income for a US corporation can easily exceed domestic income. When the national income declines, we borrow more money, and the national debt must increase on which we have to pay interest. Internationally competitive education is therefore very important for successful survival.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifOur high school performance declined during the last 50 years by the state education departments, to a lower level than many other nations. Examples of these actions are objectives, and operating plans that do not work, low employee standards were allowed in school districts. As if that was not enough, reduction of pass/fail points in the state tests to show better grades, weak rules to manage discipline problems. We are showing a simple chart above and below that shows the poor performance over a 19-year period. Not a single governor stood up in 50 years to stop the expense increase annually until education results are turned around, which would be the normal thing to do without exception. Not a single governor-initiated action during this long period that increased academic results, meaning no one changed any management or operational mistakes WITHIN THE SCHOOLS that caused the declining results. What creates such huge problems? "Political Management", when education requires normal large-scale organizational management to be successful. Why is such a thing happening? Because public education organizations do not understand and train school district superintendents and management people in state education departments in post-MBA management-level subjects. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE. Such a decline means that this is not an accidental or random activity but one that is directed purposefully by a "controlling outsider group", when it is combined with poor teacher training on the university level, when major operational and financial management decisions are handed over to one of more than 13,500 locally elected school boards whose majority is not trained at all in the activities they have to do, with the absurd justification that the best ideas for how to teach our children come only from the local population of our schools. What that brings is a constant small annual decline. This is also the work of the "controlling outsider group" and started a very long time ago.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifWhen people are part of a poorly performing organization for 2-4 years, they get used to it and accept it as normal, or even as good depending on the efficiency of the organization’s PR group. That is where we are. We know from the graph that poor performance existed for at least 19 years and likely more. We know from old Illuminati data and quotes from members that it existed a lot longer. That means that a turnaround in performance with the same poorly performing people would be possible only with very firm management, not allowing for any compromise between the old and new practices. That would require new management in every school district, with retired managers from other industries to get the necessary experience, but without education management experience. How much of a problem would that be? No problem at all. The low high school performance appears to be least understood by politicians and people in education at all levels. If they understood the problems in our education, and if they had A.C.T. or S.A.T. score-based standards, objectives, and annual operating plans in each and every school with measurable monthly academic objectives for each supervisory or management person, then we would have seen increasing A.C.T. and S.A.T. scores.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifOur website, www.education100.org is about how we could correct public education. Public education is the most important national strategic problem that is more destructive than any other external enemy could be. We see a trend emerging among corporations and government to take over high school education initially because Public Education is not improving, does not graduate well-prepared graduates. The Internet is full of excellent tutorials, and also the presentations of the best university professors' presentations, and outstanding tutorials on any primary or secondary school, and a growing number of undergraduate university-level subjects that are getting improved with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase a child's or adult's interest beyond what a teacher could do. We present some of these below. Several of our best universities, like M.I.T., Stanford and others already offer a high school diploma for a very low cost through the Internet, including even "laboratory exercises" using simulation and Artificial Intelligence. It appears that our public schools do not want to improve because they have done so poorly for many years and probably cannot change because what must be done they see as an impossibility. We do not need to keep asking them to improve. There are already far superior systems in the works to replace them, and as they lose students, and as the public discovers the poor job most of them are doing, better solutions will take off like wildfire.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifWe often hear from Washington politicians speaking in the name of the public. "The American people have been asking for xyz" that the politicians are proposing. However, most of the time, we have not read or heard ever American people asking for what the politicians are proposing. We hear many public comments about our children's poor education, the V.A. not responding quickly enough, government regulations choking medical services with regulations, but we do not hear legislators proposing anything about those. Although several governors spent millions on education projects, just to be known as the "education governor" after they leave, the A.C.T. or S.A.T. scores did not improve. It could be predicted from the start that such programs will not improve the high percentage of children, like 80% (increasing and not improving) who were graduated unprepared. Our education system declined since 1970 as our spending per student became the highest in the world. Not a single governor, nor any president, nor any Republican or Democrat has done anything to improve the A.C.T. or S.A.T. scores. Not one! The day is not far when large groups of American parents will find out that they have been dumbed down, and so were their children. About 80-90% of their children graduated from high school and received a diploma. However, more than 80% of the 90% that graduated are unprepared with minimum wage jobs that will go to robotics within a few years. One wonders why we are spending the most money per child, wasting many billions of dollars every year for a poor education system.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/1flashingarrow.gifIt is a basic human characteristic to give priority to short-term problems and the noisiest crowd demanding anything, delaying action to fix much more serious long-term issues. That is a problem. We have already wasted many years to fix public education without any change. That means that there will be a price to pay, but not as high as it will become if we continue to ignore the public education problem.

"There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, women, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."

John F. Kennedy
President, United States

Seven days later, he was assassinated. What did he know?


1. We need to educate our children FOR THE FUTURE and not for the present or past while they are in school. We have fallen behind in current sciences and math. We have fallen behind many countries, and it is vital to reverse this situation. The children need a good enough education to prepare them for learning for the rest of their lives. The workforces of our industries need much better educated high school graduates for our industries' products and services to become more competitive again to raise our national income. To date, very few are prepared.

We cannot succeed with anything without the right measurable objectives and annual operating plans in every single school. There must be an average A.C.T. score as a PRIMARY objective ABOVE ANY OTHER OBJECTIVE. The A.C.T. objective needs to be minimum 10% higher than the last achieved average score, when 75-80% of high school graduates are not A.C.T. Ready! Not just a graduation rate objective with very low graduation requirements as it has been to date. Such an indirect objective cannot work, and cautious low-confidence objectives also do not work. I describe further down what objective and operating plan combination works well, if not changed. We need to base our graduation requirement on the average grade of the best three international performers in every single American school district. We cannot keep working the same way as we have done for the past 19 years, graduating children who are less than 80% A.C.T. ready.

Inform the public about school performance, presenting only the truth AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Stop lying to the public about past results by saying things like " We are doing well, but there is room to improve." When one's results are only 20-27% A.C.T. Ready, one is doing a lousy job. The A.C.T. readiness must be above 80%. We do have such schools in the U.S.A. Do not listen to people who are full of excuses about why it cannot be done, and those who want more money.

The Public Education System talks about setting high expectation objectives when they set low expectation objectives that result in extremely poor A.C.T. readiness. That destroys the employment possibilities of our children. Just look at the results for the past 19 years in the charts we show here. WE EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM ELECTED BOARDS. The voting majority of elected boards is just a sample of the local people, who in Tennessee get $20,000-25,000 per year, and there are no term limits. Now look at the chart here showing A.C.T. scores and A.C.T. Readiness percentages. THE ELECTED SCHOOL BOARDS ARE IN CHARGE IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS. PLEASE TELL US HOW MUCH THEY IMPROVED THE ACT SCORES AND THE ACT READINESS PERCENTAGES IN THE LAST 19 YEARS! WE HAVE THE OFFICIAL RESULTS IN THE CHART. We have to centralize a few things with the smartest people nationally and centralize critical reasons for decisions. For example, graduation requirements for a diploma and the curriculum so that we move toward the performance standard of the top three nations in education. The best ideas may have come from the public a long time ago. But today we need well-educated people for good decisions, who understand education and the challenges it is creating for our employers, and who are well educated in management.



"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

Albert Einstein

What our schools can deliver today is what the 19 years of performance in the posted charts show: poor performance. POOR PERFORMANCE IS UNACCEPTABLE. IT IS DESTROYING THE ABILITY OF 80% OF OUR CHILDREN WHO GRADUATED PLUS 12-15% DROP-OUTS TO MAKE A LIVING!

WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO AMERICAN PUBLIC EDUCATION? We have been dumbing down the teacher training at universities. See www.education100.org/1teachersdilemma.html. We did things within state departments of education to dumb down the public. We dumbed down the state tests. And governors had to be supporting it. It is unimaginable that governors did not know what was happening. But they have too much to lose, and that is how governors are controlled, by an international "controlling group," who control all central banks of every country, who control news and media communications groups worldwide, and who also protect the oil industry against much lower-cost forms of energy sources. They control these three business activities and influence many more. They are quiet and do not like publicity. They are EXTREMELY intelligent people.

There exists also a subject that has evolved into a very serious topic in the military and spread beyond them, called Disinformation Theory: The psychological control of large groups of people (psychological warfare). Lenin is not only the father of communism, but he is also the father of Disinformation Theory. He frequently said that "If you tell the people a lie a thousand times, they will accept it as truth." Education in each US school district is controlled by an elected board who do not have term-limits in most areas. Many decisions and related staff are duplicated in each school district as a result. We have about 13,500 school districts in the U.S. with significantly varying education levels among parents and they believe that elected local people, like the students' parents, know best how our education should be improved to ensure the success of our children and our employer’s needs. REALLY?? AND THE POPULATION LISTENS TO SUCH PEARLS OF WISDOM COMING FROM A BOARD MEMBER OR SUPERINTENDENT. When they tell the public this, it is a totally false idea that produces worse results instead of improvement in A.C.T. scores. Your question could be: Why have the A.C.T. scores been so low for 19 years or more if the decision about school standards and direction was so well done for 19 years? The answer is the same in any job. If the results are bad, those who did the job did a bad job.

Most children are smart. They are not morons. They have to be interested enough in what they learn in school to be excited and want to learn more. AND THAT IS THE TEACHERS' JOB AND THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT'S JOB AND THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT'S JOB WHO SHOULD BE SUPPORTING THE TEACHERS TO IMPROVE, AND PROVIDING THE TEACHERS WITH MORE EDUCATION, IF THEIR PSYCHOLOGICAL MAKEUP IS WELL SUITED TO TEACHING. Click here and read about how good they are.

Probably because some decision makers are one taco short on the combination plate. It will cost a lot more than one or two extra years in social support expenses to graduate them "ON TIME". GRADUATION NEEDS TO BE A FUNCTION OF READINESS, NOT OF TIME, UNTIL ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB OF MANAGING AND TEACHING AS A GROUP/SCHOOL.

Is what we have on the chart good performance? If not, why do we graduate huge percentages of our children who are not ready for more training or jobs? Jobs that would make them self-sufficient? About 80% or more who get a diploma are not ready in Tennessee - why do they get a diploma?

An entire national school system NEEDS the same curriculum for the ability to learn after high school, because learning job-related topics is becoming a necessity for life. Using local people's guidance (e.g., the faulty logic of elected boards) guarantees progressive failure yearly. Such a curriculum needs to be internationally competitive, because high schools feed work forces of all companies and those companies' must be competitive in a world market. OUR NATIONAL INCOME DEPENDS ON THAT. Expertise for making sure that such things are done well, does not come from elected local boards. They originate from employers who employ our children. And the resulting answers must come from a group of very smart people who know what is done by the best in the world. They also come from the very best experts on a national level. Same goes for standards in teacher selection and preparation programs, in all subjects to be taught, in tests, school policies everywhere nationally, student behavior discipline, school objectives and operating plans to achieve much higher results that ensure the new generation's employment.

We have nothing like this anywhere but we have many people at all levels in education who believe that they know what needs to be done - falsely. The result is the chart showing their results for 19 years.



The Greek Symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom
Athena, ~ 480 BC


High Schools' Focus:

Vocational Or General Education On A Much Higher Level Than Today?

It is very obvious in the graph that we have done a terrible job of educating our children in public schools, that will hurt them badly when they are trying to get a better job. The education community recognizes the problem, they cannot solve the problem, they have no idea what to do or purposefully DO NOT WANT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, AND THEY PURPOSEFULLY MISINFORM THE PUBLIC ABOUT SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. THAT IS CALLED LYING TO THE PUBLIC WHO PAY FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BECAUSE WE PAY PER STUDENT THE HIGHEST RATE PER STUDENT. Our results should be much better, but instead, we dropped to the bottom of the industrialized countries.

I met with the heads of pediatric neurology and pediatric psychiatry at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, to discuss brain development issues, and specifically at what age can one determine the specific vocational direction for a child and can that brain development be altered for vocational preference through what the child hears, reads, sees on T.V. The answer is "no". If anyone disagrees with what I am writing here, speak with a neurologist. If you have a different opinion from a neurologist, please let us know his name and number.

We need to consider two things: general education for high school students and vocational decisions in high school.

There are many vocations and many of the better universities that require a 30 or higher A.C.T. score to be accepted, to show that the student can complete the degree for such programs.

Our high schools are struggling with low A.C.T. scores in public education. High schools are at an average A.C.T. score of 15-22, with 30-90% of the students not ready or prepared of those graduates for any job above minimum wage. At this A.C.T. range, the primary and high school education of the child is inferior. Most graduates are not prepared well enough, but we give them a diploma. BIG MISTAKE. Having a vocational desire is worthless if the child graduates poorly prepared. That is why more than 80% of the graduates in Tennessee are not ready for more than minimum wage jobs. The highest priority task for public schools SHOULD BE to become as good as the best ten countries in education became. THAT MEANS HAVING AN OBJECTIVE PER SCHOOL DISTRICT OF AN AVERAGE ACT SCORE THAT IS MINIMUM 10% HIGHER THAN THE AVERAGE ACT SCORE ACHIEVED THE YEAR BEFORE. But the Departments of Education in the states is focusing on graduation ONLY, with extremely low graduation requirements, focusing parents on graduation only as if that was a reasonable goal. IF OUR STATE DEPARTMENTS OF EDUCATION IGNORE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AS WE HAVE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS, with most schools telling the parents that all is fine, they are lying to the public. MOST OF OUR CHILDREN WILL BE UNEMPLOYED. It is vital to raise math and science scores higher than A.C.T. 26. Schools must focus on getting much better performance and not waste time with more than academic course achievement when their performance is so poor. But the next point is even a better reason.

Teachers believe that vocational suitability depends on what the child sees or reads or movies or parental opinion, the teachers, or any other information source. THAT IS INCORRECT. Brain development is ready between 18-20 years from a vocational perspective. Intelligence appears to be defined by birth (amygdala). Genetics have some influence. The child's image may be distracted by others favoring some profession, but this is a very specialized development in the brain. The objective is for the child to be in a vocation where the child will be happy, enjoying the job because that is where he/she will be most successful. What we are doing is misleading the student. He may complete required education based on the schools' pushing them so that he will discover that he hates that job that the school "sold" him. So, schools could be most helpful if they improve the ACT-measured academic education of the children at a much higher level than they do currently and stop pushing them toward a vocation.

Vocational testing can be very accurate with the right test. We used it in my division with about 700 people we hired, and these two tests were precise. One is called the Strong Interest Inventory, and the other is the Myers-Briggs Intelligence Inventory. Download both from the Internet for about $130 for both. But have the child take it after 19 years of age. And the two tests must be correlated by a vocational psychologist with a PhD.



The Greek Symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom

Athena ~ 480 BC


Public High School Education

A Brief Overview

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifPlease take a look at the above chart. It shows the A.C.T. performance of high school graduates in the U.S.A., the State of Tennessee as an example, with its Knox County also as an example.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifAs you look at the chart, what do you see? For 19 years, it shows no changes in poor performance. What is poor performance? We described what A.C.T. Readiness is. It only means that the student has a 50-75% chance to pass only four freshman level courses in the same four subjects that made up the four A.C.T. benchmarks. ONLY 13-25% OF THOSE WHO GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE LAST 19 YEARS WERE READY/PREPARED. Not having more than 90% of our children READY/PREPARED to learn a job better than minimum wage, is a disaster. Any program that you approve that does not change the school system such that the A.C.T. scores and Readiness percentages rise to 80% ready/prepared upon graduation, has ZERO VALUE. Giving a high school diploma to children who are not ready is a terrible thing to do. The education system is ensuring that more than 80% of the children will be in poverty, most likely homeless. THAT IS WHAT THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IS DOING FOR YOU PARENTS, AND THEY ARE USING ONE OF THE HIGHEST AMOUNTS OF YOUR MONEY IN THE WORLD PER STUDENT TO DELIVER THE WORST EDUCATION AMONG INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifToday, we graduate nationally 74% of the children from high school WHO ARE NOT PREPARED TO LEARN A JOB except one for minimum wage. Those will go to robotics in a few years. The sad thing is that among African American students, 92-96% of graduates poorly prepared for any job beyond minimum wage in a state like Tennessee. Only 4-8% are ready/prepared after graduation with African American students. Disgraceful. We spent more than twice our other per student cost per African American student for 19 years. NOTHING IMPROVED IN THE 19 YEARS! THAT MEANS WITHOUT EXCEPTION THAT THE MONEY IS NOT GETTING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT THINGS TO IMPROVE THESE CHILDREN. We had a massive problem with the public education of our children for a very long time. The vast majority of our schools have done and are doing a poor job. Our political leaders, superintendents, elected board of education members have no idea how to solve this problem. They are not interested in visiting the best countries or best schools in education to learn how to do it or do not want to learn how to solve it. That's why they keep throwing more and more money at the problem, that does not solve it. It is also possible that they are dealing with serious threats from those who do not want change.


/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifBut the poorly educated who will not be prepared to earn a living are experts at making babies and then run from the responsibility. What do you expect? AND THAT CREATES ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM BECAUSE IT FEEDS THE FIRST ONE. WE WONDER WHY GOVERNORS CANNOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. WE WONDER WHY THEY HAVE NOT INITIATED CHANGES IN ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS THAT WOULD RAISE THE ACT TEST-PERFORMANCE ACROSS THE ENTIRE STUDENT POPULATION. Many other nations passed us like a bullet in education. We became the highest spender in education per student (OECD PISA) internationally. We dropped to the bottom of the industrialized world in 2016 in mathematics as 40th. IS THIS NORMAL PROGRESS? OF COURSE NOT. A LOT OF CHILDREN, MILLIONS WILL NOT SURVIVE, WHEN VIRTUALLY ALL OF THEM COULD. We are doing a terrible, declining job in education. Is there anything to justify this kind of poor education that is more damaging to us as a country and to our children?

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifHuman beings adjust to their environment, work standards, working conditions in a couple of years at most. For example, if you join an excellent, successful company, you will become excellent yourself or leave. Most become excellent. Their thinking power increases because they are encouraged and helped to learn. The management of such a company wants to develop well-educated people for future expansion. If you work for a disorganized, money-wasting organization for a few years, you will end up not knowing much and not caring enough about doing a good job. Your knowledge and thinking powers decline. The worst thing is that people accept such a place as NORMAL if they spend 2-3 years in it - as they accomplish nothing.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWhen your average A.C.T. scores are 22, 70% of your graduates are unprepared. But they get a diploma. Today the high school graduate’s knowledge is lower than before. And they still graduated several hundred children who did not meet the even the lower graduation standard. Both our young generation and our country will drop to the level of Mexico or worse, like Afghanistan, Syria, or the Congo in Africa. Do you think this is an exaggeration? Our public education is almost there today, and the national workforce is being dumbed down with them. If employers cannot get better-trained workers from our high schools, what will they do to survive? They will encourage more dependence on robotics (jobs lost) or closing (more job losses) because they cannot survive without better-educated workers. They already feel the problems created by our poor education, and we are getting too close to that moment.

The Greek Symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom

Athena ~ 480 BC


Very Important Needed Actions

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWithout all these actions IMPLEMENTED WITHOUT COMPROMISE, any significant improvement is not possible. We waited too long. HOW COULD THOSE WHO CREATED THIS DESTRUCTIVE SITUATION FOR SO LONG BE IN CHARGE OF FIXING IT? 19 YEARS OF PERFORMANCE SHOWS THAT THEY CANNOT.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifBrilliant and powerful people who were not in the education field created this problem for the U.S.A. a long time ago, and they are more powerful today. We must do this for our country and our children. Two of our presidents warned us about this danger: presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy.

<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>Telling the public false information about education performance when they are paying the bills, is not what we should have been doing. We have to say to the public the truth honestly to have their support, certainly about the performance decline, the impact on our children to get their help. We are certain that each states' department of education has changed the scoring systems on their state test, and use a management structure that guarantees poor performance. Teacher training at universities declined since 1970, but the education spending per student skyrocketed since that year, and no governor stood up in any state to date, in almost 50 years, to fix some very obvious problems within the state education systems. They did spend millions of dollars "to help the education of our children", but indicators like the A.C.T. and S.A.T. scores, the only annual tests that show what our children learned from grade one to twelve, showed no improvement at all. This is very strange, but we are determined to find out what is happening.

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>One cannot succeed with low expectation objectives, or with objectives that sound great but cannot be measured like the objectives we create. One cannot succeed without a good operating plan per school, that has monthly measurable objectives for every supervisory and management employee in each school. If we want to succeed, we have to pick a goal that is the average of the top ten performers worldwide. We need to compare performance to the best ten nations in education. No comparisons please to the average of all other countries, because Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and others have inadequate education systems. And please, do not compare to another state. All US states have the same system and the same problems with slight variations. Just look at their A.C.T. scores. BUT THAT'S WHAT THE US DEPT. OF EDUCATION DOES, AND WHEN IT COMES TO COMPARING PERFORMANCE, THE USA DEPT. OF EDUCATION COMPARES ONLY ONE U.S.A. STATE TO THE OTHER. We need to explain to them that our industries compete with foreign companies to which we lost entire industries! Their high schools produce better-educated people for their workforces than we do for our companies. Our high schools dropped to 40th in the world. WE ARE NOT COMPARING OUR HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMANCE TO THE BEST IN THE WORLD TO DECIDE WHAT WE SHOULD FOCUS ON IN US EDUCATION?! THIS MEANS THAT WE FOCUS ON A LOSING STRATEGY. Any such action to avoid comparison to the best is done to make us look good TO THE PUBLIC. THE PUBLIC PAYS THE BILLS WHEN PUBLIC EDUCATION IS DESTROYING THEIR CHILDREN'S FUTURE. Bad strategy, BECAUSE IT, IS DEAD WRONG. The public is going to discover it.

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>Restore the state tests to the original that was supplied to cover the curriculum by law. The State Department of Education dumbed it down. Stop any dumbing down of education measurement instruments or tests with Cut Scores, and improper and no instructions for elected school boards and school district superintendents about what acceptable objectives and annual operating plans are for each school and other actions that would improve education -- all such things are detailed below.

<![if !supportLists]>4. <![endif]>Not focusing on A.C.T. scores instead of pushing them to graduate is disastrous for our children in Tennessee and other states. More than 80% of them are not ready upon graduation. Discontinue the practice of driving to a 90% graduation rate as the goal. Pushing teachers to pass children to graduate via the dumbed-down state test does not demonstrate that our children have done well or should be graduated. 75-85% are unprepared to survive. Focusing on graduation resulted in graduating unprepared children. That is not what schools should do. But instead:

<![if !supportLists]>o <![endif]>a. Use the A.C.T. score in every high school as an objective that is 10% higher than the actual average A.C.T. score achieved in the prior year,

<![if !supportLists]>o <![endif]>b. Use a monthly G.P.A. objective in every single school that is 10% higher than the preceding year's corresponding month's G.P.A. If you don't have it, then compute it based on the end of year course grades in the prior year to calculate the G.P.A. Chart individual class and school G.P.A. performance vs. this objective, and have a monthly measurable goal to be achieved for every single supervisory individual.

<![if !supportLists]>5. <![endif]>Give teachers the maximum authority to be the captains of their classes. Establish a list of strict punishments that will make actual or prospective offenders refrain from doing the offensive deed in or outside of the school against anyone. Install audio and video monitoring equipment to cover entire classes and offices.

<![if !supportLists]>6. <![endif]>Reduce the teachers' non-teaching activity at least 50% during the first semester and after that. They must have preparation and self-improvement time with well-known sources from the Internet at school expense to improve subject knowledge and teaching methodologies.

<![if !supportLists]>7. <![endif]>Transfer school-related personnel decisions to the principals. They also must have the same objectives but for their schools.

<![if !supportLists]>8. <![endif]>Principals and superintendents must have management training, management topics to be defined.

The Greek Symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom
Athena ~ 480 BC


Outstanding Learning Aids For Both Teachers And Students From Ten Sources

1. <![endif]>Khan Academy: Outstanding. The best in this group. Any subject, any grade, most useful.

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>The Great Courses presentations from the best professors in the USA in the subject presented. Many of them include an entire semester or year of the subject, and huge discounts are offered on a group of courses periodically.

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>Brightstorm has an outstanding collection of the best high school teachers for every single lesson period.

<![if !supportLists]>4. <![endif]>Open Culture, great educational resources.

<![if !supportLists]>5. <![endif]>The best math resources for teachers.

<![if !supportLists]>6. <![endif]>EDX Courses for K-12 and personal interest from the best universities.

<![if !supportLists]>7. <![endif]>List of study/learning skills.

<![if !supportLists]>8. <![endif]>Teaching without lecturing.

<![if !supportLists]>9. <![endif]>MIT OpenCourseWare covering high school.

<![if !supportLists]>10. <![endif]>SKILLSHARE is loaded with thousands of job-skill tutorials for jobs or pleasure.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWhen one is among poor performers for a few years, one gets used to the bad performance, thinking that it is "NORMAL". We have been performing poorly with public education for decades. As a result, even governors react rather softly to long-standing education problems. WE MUST CHANGE. Parents are a product OF THEIR WORK ENVIRONMENT to a great extent, and their economic or poverty level. They are more set in their ways than children. But everyone has a tendency not to accept that fact about themselves. Many parents are single women or men - because "HE OR SHE RAN." Or "COULD NOT PROVIDE." Make no mistake; they have a tough time; they have less time for the child, and don't have enough money. Probably the grandparents' situation is similar, but public education results were better for them relative to the knowledge required in the workplace during their working life. The fast technological development was and is a huge opportunity for those children who are well educated. Children who graduate from high school must be prepared to enter work-based training programs beyond minimum wage. Becoming prepared in reading, writing, communications, sciences, and mathematics is needed in ALL JOBS THAT ARE IN DEMAND BY EMPLOYERS. Your children must graduate from high school prepared to learn for a lifetime. The A.C.T. test measures how well they are prepared. You would want 90% of the children READY AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL. TODAY ONLY 26% OF GRADUATES ARE READY NATIONALLY, BUT IN SOME STATES LIKE TENNESSEE, ONLY 15% OF GRADUATES ARE READY ACCORDING TO A.C.T. The schools are graduating them and try hard to convince the public that "Not all children are suited for college, so your child must learn a trade, AND HE WILL BE FINE!" Absolute nonsense! And their trade-jobs get replaced by robotics.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifA good state education system produces 95% or higher readiness among its graduates. If they have to take learning disabled children and ones with behavior problems, but with firm rules about behavior, the 95% or higher figure may drop to 85%, worst case. But not 15-26%, like ours, or 3-6% only for African American children, unless a major problem exists in management. The teachers are not trained well, and many are not a good psychological fit for teaching, or are without continuing education and/or do not have enough preparation time. WE HAVE ALL THOSE PROBLEMS WITHOUT ANY MOTIVATION TO IMPROVE. OUR PERFORMANCE GAP BETWEEN WHAT SHOULD BE AND WHAT IS, IS A GIGANTIC 60-80% THAT CAN BE BLAMED ON OTHER THINGS THAN INCOMPETENCE, OR TOTAL LACK OF KNOW-HOW IN TOP MANAGEMENT EVERYWHERE! THAT IS REVOLTING IN A COUNTRY THAT IS SPENDING THE MOST MONEY IN THE WORLD PER STUDENT! We have a few schools that GRADUATE 100% in the U.S.A., and we have entire countries who do that well and even better with a stronger curriculum than ours. Blaming parents is not fair because of what we explained: low-income poor person, the boy got her pregnant, and the boy ran. The mother has to work her fingers to the bone. IT IS THE SCHOOLS THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POOR EDUCATION WITH WHICH THEY GRADUATE OUR CHILDREN. IT IS THE SCHOOLS THAT ARE MOSTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING MORE POVERTY, WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. It is the education departments that create a management system that can only deteriorate. It is they who dumb down the state tests. And they get the highest amount per child in the world to do all these good things. IT IS THE TEACHERS' COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS, WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POOR SELECTION AND POOR TRAINING OF OUR TEACHERS. For well-to-do families, the parents have the money, the understanding of the problem, the education and money to ensure that the child will do well. Although in a dumbed-down system, it is difficult to get good enough results, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. So, let's see what the problems are and what we could do to solve the huge public education problem.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifUnfortunately, the subjects we were and are teaching in public schools in the U.S., did not change much in 50 years. School books are 6-10 years behind in a fast-moving world. Many other countries, after WWII, improved the matching of teacher candidates to the teaching profession. They improved teacher education at their universities, making sure that the curricula in their primary and secondary schools were increased as needed. All to fully support the needs of their advancing industries to produce the best high-quality products and services in the world. They have been doing this annually. They know where we stand annually. But our state departments of education and school districts don't know anything about what the better countries are doing. We compare school performance in the U.S. only against the average of ALL countries, that include many low performing countries from Africa and other underdeveloped countries. THAT WAY WE SHOW BETTER OR EQUAL RESULTS COMPARED TO "INTERNATIONALS" AS WE TRY TO SELL IDEAS TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION THAT ARE NOT TRUE. THAT INCLUDES THE NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION IN WASHINGTON AS WELL. THAT UNFORTUNATELY SHOWS OUR EXTREMELY LOW EXPECTATIONS, NOT CARING AT ALL ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CHILDREN IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET. AND NOW, THE DUMBING DOWN OF THE PUBLIC SINCE 1970 MAKES PERFECT SENSE. WHY? BECAUSE BY KNOWING LESS THE PUBLIC DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE EVIL PLAN SOME MEN COOKED UP MORE THAN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO, IT APPEARS, TO DUMB DOWN THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. IT IS EASIER TO CONTROL US THAT WAY. We did not do what about 40 other nations did after WWII, which is focusing on the best three countries in education to learn how to do better. We did not improve, and they passed us. We spent the most money per child in education in the world, but we dropped to the bottom of the industrialized countries to 40th in high school mathematics by 2016. The money has not been spent on the right people in the right places in public education. That is a big problem because it has impacted our children's education and future employability, as well as our employers who needed many better-educated employees to survive.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifIt is not possible to turn around bad performance without ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS. In 2016 we were the highest spenders per student in the world. We dropped to 40th in mathematics internationally that year, among 15-year-old high school children and that is very bad news. We spent and kept spending the people's money for public education, our hard-earned tax dollars. But the poor job we did and do in public education will result in massive joblessness for our children and grandchildren for life. Whose job was it and is it to deliver one of the highest results for the high spending in education? The money was enough, but where did it go? Certainly not for the right people in the right places in education districts. The remedy would be a forensic audit of medium to large school districts, and changing people and projects that have not been productive.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifOur employers have been complaining since 2000 about high school graduates not knowing how to read, write, follow instructions, don't know even basic math and have a bad attitude on the job. Our employers cannot find enough potential employees who are trained well enough now for more than ten years. Example: Two different high school graduate cashiers could not figure out recently what change they owe me if I pay a $23.00 item, with a $50.00 bill. When I asked them why, they told me that "We are not math majors, and we will not need math in the future." They said that the teacher told them. No school in the entire country should graduate a single student like that.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifHow advanced are we as a country? We already started with very serious space activity with the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, and their subcontractors BEFORE 1970. They reverse-engineered crashed U.F.O.'s during the prior ten years. They developed 65 space vehicles with antigravity engines and two mother ships by 1983 with presence in space. They put a large space station in earth orbit named after Werner von Braun, the brilliant German scientist. We have been traveling at close to the speed of light to other planets for the past few years. This information has been recently declassified. President Trump announced the formation of a sixth branch of the US Military, The USA Space Force in September 2019. This is important because new technological discoveries or releases into our business environment affect what public schools must teach. The A.C.T. performance chart we have here clearly shows that this fact has been ignored by our public education system.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifThat part of our world, having operated under THE "black budget", is fifty years ahead of what the general public is aware of in new technology related to interstellar travel. We are about to take a much greater technological step than at any time before, starting in 2021-2022 with cognitive robotics, space technology, and nanotechnology together. The impact will be enormous worldwide. If we do not catch up with our public schools, most of our children will be jobless for life. We could not depend on our schools to do this. It is possible that our school system will not improve like in the past 50 years. Parents need to learn to ensure a much better education for their children. DO NOT DEPEND TOTALLY ON THE SCHOOLS THAT THEY WILL IMPROVE, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT IMPROVE IN THE PAST. Remember that no one will volunteer and admit to you that they or their organization is doing a poor job. Especially when the government guarantees their income.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifOur space and robotics efforts have been advancing many areas of science. That will also add to the pressure very soon to raise high school graduates' employability standards for public high schools. We have fallen behind during the last few decades. Our high schools were already behind a dozen other nations around 1990-2000, contributing to a weakened workforce. We lost several industries that we used to dominate (e.g., computers, radios, T.V., automobile - partly recovered, heavy machinery, and many more). Why? Because education performance declined. New technologies generally require automation. Automation is expensive. Our competitor countries created a much more liberal tax policy for depreciation of " capital equipment". China, for example, automated on an enormous scale both design and manufacturing, reducing the big expenses of innovating with new products. They also created super excellent high schools to educate many excellent high school graduates. For this reason, the new technologies coming in 2021-2022 will have a much greater technological impact on what our children should be learning in high school. By now in 2019, because the robotic impact on jobs will be massive on high school graduates and much greater than expected on many jobs that required a university degree.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifFuture jobs that will be most immune to robotic takeover will be those jobs that require in any combination, advanced degrees in sciences, mathematics, and economics, with excellent communications skills.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifSo far, as we see below in the A.C.T. test results chart, we have not been educating our children well enough for the LAST TWO DECADES. However, we started increasing education spending since 1970, possibly earlier, but the results went nowhere. The future new technologies WILL make most of them jobless, as well as creating a big employee-deficiency problem for employers. THAT WILL RAISE THE DEMAND FOR COGNITIVE ROBOTICS HIGHER. This will be the immediate result of our state political leadership being misinformed about major technology advances for lack of interest in state organizations.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifA complete change is needed now in the areas recommended in order to minimize the damage to the new generation and to our corporations' business. This will put many jobless young people on the streets creating major social problems IF NOT REMEDIED NOW. Since the decline of public education started damaging the workforce several decades ago, our national income has not been healthy enough. We resorted to a huge increase in the national debt to survive, whose interest rates are costing us many billions. This, in turn, is seriously limiting our success in managing ourselves out of the increase in social problems, with all of this being the result of our political leadership TOTALLY IGNORING PUBLIC EDUCATION. To improve schools, investigate what we are saying here, believe what you find on your own, recognizing that the truth never comes from the organizations that are related to the problem you are investigating.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWe do have some outstanding public schools in the U.S.A., who are not just 25% ready upon graduation like we are, but even 100% ready. Click here to see them. That is why the average A.C.T. scores and A.C.T. Readiness percentages in the chart below show that 75-85% of OUR public high school graduates in Tennessee and in a number of other states ARE NOT PREPARED for what employers needed now for more than a decade. The U.S. average is not much better. The result is that more than 80% of our children who graduate with a diploma from our public high schools are not prepared to learn any job beyond 2022 because space activities, cognitive robotics together with nanotechnology will raise the employers' technical requirements for high school graduates.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifThe results did, and will depend on the governors and how they improve education, especially in states like Tennessee. If they keep doing things for education that do not raise the A.C.T. scores, as all states did in the past, they will achieve WORSE RESULTS INSTEAD OF IMPROVING PUBLIC EDUCATION. The state education departments do things that lower the knowledge of graduates, making them unacceptable to employers, like changing the state tests with Cut Scores. BUT OUR SCHOOLS WILL GRADUATE THEM WITH HIGHER GRADES AND LESS KNOWLEDGE BY LOWERING THE PASS/FAIL POINTS IN THE TESTS, AS THEY HAVE DONE BEFORE FOR DECADES.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifVERY IMPORTANT: The biggest problem that always happens when among poor performers for a number of years, IS THE ACCEPTANCE OF BAD PERFORMANCE AS NORMAL. Very few organizations admit that they are doing a bad job. They accept that this is the best they can do and go out of business. And it is much harder to work under such circumstances than if the organization is doing an excellent job. Public Education is a massive organization, with a massive union, and a lot of money guaranteed by the government, therefore they do not want to improve anything so that they are competitive and our children are employable. They are comfortable. They are virtually a monopoly with a 90% "market share." A fairly large number of companies are making money out of the fact that education performance is poor, and those organizations make money off of poor educational performance, AND IMPROVE NOTHING. We have been performing poorly with public education for decades. As a result, even governors react rather softly to education problems and change nothing. WE MUST CHANGE.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifIn my experience, the best organization's in the world, and their results would be a very good choice as a five-year goal at an average A.C.T. score of 30. Today on September 2, 2019, I paid a $23 item in a store with a $50 bill. Cash register did not work. The person at the cash register could not figure out how much she needs to pay me back. A second store employee came to help, and he could not figure out the change, so I told them that the change I am to get back is $27. They both told me that " "we are not math majors! We are not going to need math in the future." I asked "Who told you that?" They said "Our teacher, because future automation will take care of subjects we don't like." They graduated from high school two years ago.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWe need well qualified high school graduates today. All of them! Unfortunately, more than 80% are poorly qualified. The reason is that teacher training quality also dropped ( click here to read about it). And we saw many management people in education, who had no management training and had no idea what to do. A very good teacher is a very special person and harder to find than people in many other professions. Too many went into teaching because they could not handle their originally selected major, heard that teaching was the easiest, so they changed to study teaching. It all adds together into a huge problem.



<![if !supportLineBreakNewLine]>

Teacher Training and Selection

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifOf the top 100 universities in the world, more than 90% are American. There is only one exception to this: very strangely, the teacher training part of American colleges and universities are poor, while the other university departments are good. Our teacher turnover is too high, low morale is common. They, along with the poor A.C.T. results, is the result of poor, untrained management from the very top on down. This will ALWAYS weaken the workforce, and that can destroy any country if not corrected.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifMany college students change to a teaching major in college if they think that their originally selected major is too much work. Teaching majors have low entry requirements in US colleges. The teaching profession is very highly respected in many other countries, but only when ALL high schools in that country graduate students in the average A.C.T. equivalent of 28 or higher, that represents higher than what A.C.T. calls 80% "STEM A.C.T. Readiness", not just A.C.T. Readiness.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWhen good people work in a poorly performing organization for 2-3 years, they adjust and they actually start believing that their organization is performing well. In a poorly performing system like ours, low expectation thinking rules, such as Tennessee's objective of 21 average ACT score that represents only 20-25% of graduating classes being ready, but ALL GET A DIPLOMA. People rise to high expectation objectives and meet them. Why? Because with the help of a good, well-educated manager they create an operating plan that changes the way they work and achieve results. People ignore low expectation objectives and cannot meet them.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifWe have to learn how to find the good potential teachers (The Strong Interest Inventory correlated with the Myers-Briggs Psychological Inventory does this very well). In the high performing countries in education, they have to be high I.Q., and be in the top third of their university classes (top 10% in a few countries) in a full master's program for the subject they would teach, and they must love the subject they teach and stay on top of new developments in that subject. The classes of such teachers are a pleasure to attend. Their enthusiasm infects the entire class of students, and the students will learn much more with such teachers. Interestingly, with such teachers, the work of both students, teachers as well as principals becomes much easier. Full master's program means a B.S. or B.A. in the subject they will teach plus an M.S. or M.A. in the same subject, and not an abbreviated Master's degree given by the Education Department after a B.A. in Teaching like we do. To identify the right intelligence and such desired personality traits in a potential teacher, a good job matching personality and IQ tests are accurate, and a very inexpensive investment. Just look at what we get without such tools.

/Users/victorspencer/1Webpages/education100/rubikscube.gifIF YOUR CHILD GETS INTO TROUBLE WITH A TEACHER, LISTEN TO AND SUPPORT THE TEACHER'S STORY. And for those teachers who would enjoy another vocation more, help them find out what that vocation is. The above two tests will be very helpful to them. Those children who are not A.C.T. Ready have only a chance for short-term minimum wage jobs. Please read here what "A.C.T. Readiness" means.

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The Greek Symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom
Athena, ~ 480 BC


What Is "A.C.T. Readiness"?

ACT Testing System description

https://www.act.org/content/act/en/college-and-career-readiness/holistic- framework.html

ACT Readiness Standards

https://www.act.org/content/act/en/college-and-career-readiness/standards. html

The ACT College Readiness Benchmarks are scores that represent the level of achievement required for students to have a 50% chance of obtaining a B or higher or about a 75% chance of obtaining a C or higher in corresponding credit-bearing courses.* Benchmarks have been established for the ACT and ACT Aspire subject-area tests and the supplemental STEM and ELA scores.

The ACT Readiness Benchmarks for ACT Aspire are linked to the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks.

The ACT Benchmarks and their interpretation.

https://www.act.org/content/act/en/college-and-career-readiness/benchmarks. html

A.C.T. is the largest testing company that tests 59% of U.S.A. students. They established a four-subject benchmark since 2010. The benchmarks were identifying those graduates who could go on with education or be able to learn a job, based on what employers needed. In 2006 A.C.T. concluded that the knowledge needed to learn a job and the knowledge needed to start college, have become the same. A.C.T. named it then as A.C.T. Readiness. In 2010 they started working on meeting the rising requirements for public colleges to create a benchmark to indicate a 50-75% probability of passing college freshman courses with the same subject name as the subjects in the benchmark. A.C.T. called this College or Career Readiness (C.C.R.). As of 2019, A.C.T. is working on different categories of C.C.R. or Readiness, e.g., S.T.E.M.C.C.R., because the job requirements are growing as new technologies appear. S.T.E.M.C.C.R. has more than four benchmarks, and it is the benchmark that best indicates where our children need to be now until 2025, and then you will see higher benchmarks because the needs of the employers will keep rising as a result of new technologies. Unfortunately, it appears that our public education will continue to decline because today, they are not willing to learn and elevate U.S. education. We fell behind since 1970. That all means that today's A.C.T. Readiness does not and will not apply to some jobs already and all jobs in the future. Especially with the arrival of cognitive robotics and nanotechnology many other science jobs, engineering and manufacturing jobs will change, producing much better quality and higher performance products. Any testing company depends financially on the public education system, and under such circumstances, we hope that they show fair results. In such a situation, they will not be aggressive. They will be a little soft. Understand this very well. We fell seriously behind. To recover from our current position is not easy and it requires tough management of education on the state level.

A.C.T. College and Career Readiness (C.C.R.) means that the graduating high school student has a 50-75% chance to pass four freshman courses in college. These courses must be the same subject names as the benchmarks. According to A.C.T., ACT CCR is not proof of the student being prepared to earn a college degree that provides enough income to survive. IT ALSO DOES NOT MEAN READINESS FOR A CAREER. WHAT IT MEANS IS MINIMAL PROGRESS IN THAT DIRECTION AND A BETTER CHANCE TO ENTER COLLEGE THAN THOSE WHO ARE NOT ACT READY. THOSE NOT READY ARE MINIMUM WAGE MATERIAL AND ROBOTS WILL REPLACE THEM. SO WHY DO WE GRADUATE THEM? ONLY FOR ONE PURPOSE. TO MAKE THE EDUCATION SYSTEM LOOK BETTER TO THE PUBLIC WHO ARE PAYING FOR IT. BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT IT IS BECOMING WORSE, AND THEY MISINFORM THE PUBLIC. We need to expect and deliver MUCH MORE from high school students than achieving A.C.T. readiness from all high school graduates today. Colleges and universities have a 26-27 ACT score requirement in mathematics if the student wants to study mathematics, any of the sciences or economics. The A.C.T. mathematics benchmark is only 22. That means that if one wants to get better jobs, just meeting A.C.T. readiness itself will not be enough. More and more universities are looking for average A.C.T. scores from 28 - 32 JUST TO BE ACCEPTED. That all means that A.C.T. readiness only has to do with a 50-75% chance to pass only the freshman version of the course with the same subject names as the four A.C.T. benchmarks. C's or D's will no longer work because we expect the colleges to soften because of the poor high school performance. Why? Colleges and universities need tuition income and a large enough number of students to graduate, to be in business. Employers will need more knowledge with the many new technologies that are about to start with major cognitive robotic advances. Also, artificial intelligence incorporation into products already makes them more and more useful. Nanotechnology will make important changes in existing engineering design and production systems in all fields. It will also alter a broad array of different engineering sciences to some degree, and space science will also contribute to our economy with major discoveries.

What does it mean if the student graduated from high school NOT ACT READY? We have more than 89% of high school graduates in TENNESSEE who cannot even meet such a modest readiness definition to learn a job. Nationally 74% of those who graduate from high school are NOT ACT READY. In other words, they will not even be prepared to pass one freshman course. Why do we graduate them? Why do we give them a diploma? Dropouts are about 10-15% of a class over a four-year period. Those not A.C.T. ready, are 74-96% of an entire class, school or school district. That makes almost all children who entered high school NOT READY/PREPARED and will be unemployable. With such low performance, our children are unqualified beyond minimum wage jobs when they graduate. We are too easy on children and worry excessively about damaging their self-esteem. It's a tough world out there, and we are very easy on the children in school and at home. The great majority of teachers or people above them have no idea what A.C.T. readiness means and make up a much more optimistic definition for parents. We explained how small the A.C.T. readiness qualification is. The school system may be bad, but many teachers and other people within it are good human beings. If we ask them about why they graduate most students who are poorly prepared, they will defend themselves to protect their income. Many development projects will start coming in 2021-2022 in robotics, nanotechnology, and sciences relating to space work. Cognitive robotics will go after college graduated jobs. High school graduates need to graduate with much more science and math and higher grades than today's graduates. When it comes to public school performance, we must follow President Reagan's advice: " TRUST, BUT VERIFY!"

OBSERVATION: Jobs are getting more sophisticated. The less demanding jobs are going to robots. It is a tougher world out there. The jobs require more knowledge. When things were easier, both schools and parents were tougher with the children in the school and at home. So, we made everything easier for children, with much less pressure in school and at home, allowing children to misbehave and learn less than before. WE DID THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN, FOR A TOUGHER WORLD THAT REQUIRES MORE KNOWLEDGE IN THE SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS...

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