Our future as a nation depends on the education of our children TODAY.
Unfortunately, most public elementary and high schools' performance is poor.

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Updated Feb. 24, 2021

The Big Picture

What kind of leadership do we have if we don't even know who our best three international competitors are,  what results and plans they have that could be superior to what we do?   So far, we are progressing toward becoming the worst in public education. I am certain that some people at all levels may feel that other countries do not matter.  Most high school graduates end up in the workforce of all industries. Most of our companies compete in the USA and in other countries against the products of other nations. Do the products' and services' quality, design appeal, profitability and national income depend on the workforces' high school education in the country where they are designed and made? Absolutely. We used to dominate almost all industries more than 50 years ago. But then many other nations' high schools started passing our high schools, and we started losing entire industries, like heavy machinery, TV, radio and electronics and others. We claimed that lower labor costs was the reason for losing. My job took me to many countries, every quarter back then. They automated manufacturing faster than we did. The result is that the level of high school graduates is very important in creating a better workforce. Our public education does not care about that to this day, and we will keep declining until they do.

  In any activity, if your organization wants to be excellent, it cannot ignore those countries who do a better job than your organization anywhere on the face of this earth.  On the other hand, if your organization is doing poorly,  then the best three organizations in a similar line of work,  will be your best guide.  If your organization is doing a medium to poor job, and you are not interested in how the best achieve their results,  you will be out of business, or if one is subsidized, like public education is you will just continue to keep  doing a poor job.  It will cost us  many billions every yea rand our children will become unemployable.  Today, 70-80% of high school graduates are unemployable.  If we do not improve quickly, that number  almost all high school graduates and about 30 million in the national workforce will become unemployable by 2025.  There will be many unbelievers plus many who will want to pocket our tax dollars as long as it is possible.  Our public education does not compare its national test results to the test results of the top three best nations in public education. The schools are to satisfy the employers' needs with their graduates.  But public education decides all the standards in individual states, some important decisions on the local school board level, saying that "the best advice about the education of our children comes from the local elected people."  Do you know where that statement came from?  It came from 1875, when only agriculture and local trade was dominant.  We have 14,000 school districts nationally TODAY.  How can a GOOD IDEA THAT FIT THE ONE DOMINANT INDUSTRY SO WELL  IN THE LATE 1800s BECOME  DESTRUCTIVE OVER 100 YEARS? It happened because  the  political leadership is not recognizing until now that our world became much more complex requiring much more educated and uniform decisions in education  than what school boards can provide.  Why would our nation become more competitive if each of fifty states had a different curriculum, different high school graduation requirements, teacher training curriculum, different tests for the same subjects, instead of setting identical national standards?  We just became the worst among all industrialized countries in high school mathematics.  Why can't we see in political and education management that this philosophy is not going to make us the best, but it can make us the worst among the industrialized countries?  Education is vital, BUT ITS APPLICATION IS VERY POOR IN PUBLIC EDUCATION.  THIS SUGGESTS LACK OF MOTIVATION TO LEARN AS A RESULT OF BORING CLASSROOMS.   In less than 25 years thereafter, additional technologies and many new industries started forming at an accelerating rate.  We went from the horse and buggy to the moon, with similarly huge changes in more than a thousand sciences, that kept changing the way employers worked. We went from local sales and service and became one of the largest international traders worldwide competing with other international organizations' sales and services.  Employers, with few exceptions, often complained to governors about the high schools not producing well-enough educated children BECAUSE THOSE WHO GRADUATE, END UP IN THE WORKFORCE FOR ALL COMPANIES IN ALL INDUSTRIES, SELLING AND SERVICING THEIR PRODUCTS INTERNATIONALLY.  IT IS THIS WORKFORCE THAT MAKES AND SUPPORTS ALL THEIR PRODUCTS INTERNATIONALLY.  COUNTRIES THAT GRADUATE STUDENTS FROM HIGH SCHOOL POORLY TRAINED, INCREASE POVERTY AND THEIR NATIONAL INCOME DECLINES.  OUR POVERTY IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST, AND OUR NATIONAL INCOME HAS BEEN DECLINING FOR ABOUT 12 YEARS FROM 12-14% TO 3-4% necessitating our national debt to rise to $30 TRILLION!!!  The interest we pay on that debt is about $7 TRILLION included in the $30 TRILLION, that we lose because other countries win more business with better profit margins than we do.  It is the workforce in every country that creates and makes the products.  A better educated workforce will make a better product in both quality and profit margins.  I find several things very disturbing about our public education that I will describe here.  But one is that the international high performers know everything about our public education, but we know nothing about theirs, and we just keep falling behind.  The wealthy are immune to this problem.  They can send their children to the best private schools.  But the poverty at home is growing fast because impoverished people believe that the public schools are telling them the truth.  We pay one of the highest amounts per student in the world, and we are on the bottom of the industrialized countries in high school math!  We have three gigantic new technologies coming in 2023, that will cause job losses in the tens of millions for two things for which our political and education leaders can take a bow.  One is our low quality public education. The other is the black/white problem that we could not solve in a hundred years, BECAUSE WE DID NOT WANT TO SOLVE IT.  As a result, our poverty is growing at a high rate.  Education was and is the problem creating the situation.  Two such problems could destroy our nation within a handful of years unless we raise the education standards.  Public education blames everything other than themselves, like parents, children not wanting to learn.  They are wrong.  I attended a total of 29 high school science and math courses at random since 2012 in ten states.  I was shocked because all were boring.  This is not a teacher or principal or parental problem.  It is a problem of the lower and lower  standards that public education sets for teachers and students alike.  It is a problem of the public not being informed truthfully until it is too late.  You read and decide if what I am writing here is true.  If it is, we the public must act because no one in our political leadership, like governors have not done anything to raise ACT and SAT scores. THAT IS WHAT COUNTS.  It is not enough for public education and political leadership to claim that they care about our children.  The results tell you if they do care or not or they have no idea what to do.

  We have two annual national tests in the USA, the ACT, and the SAT.  These two annual tests or their results THE INDIVIDUAL STATES CANNOT CHANGE. It is unfortunate that I have to say this because there is work within education that is not focused on improving our children's education, but it is focused only on how to graduate more students, whose knowledge is not enough to be employed.  How many such graduates?  75-84% are not even ACT Ready, that represents 59-61% subject knowledge on four benchmark subjects only.  In black students' schools, the percentage of those graduates who are not ready can be above 90% in many cases.  And we graduate them with a diploma for a few months of happiness so that they will be without a legal job for a lifetime.  Somehow it feels like such practices ARE NOT what our founding fathers had in mind and neither do the state constitutions nor the objectives of these education systems have perpetually.  We will cover some examples below.

  The states have tests that they can "modify to make the results look better with cut scores". Click here for a description of Cut Scores.  After you read it ask yourself, what is more important, to improve the grades of students under the old simple A-F grading system,  or the incredibly confusing  new system that can hide a multitude of sins that costs the state a couple of hundred million dollars?  They use the state test results to graduate children from high school.  Why is that necessary?  Because "education is covered by, or defaulted to the states?" Or because the "US Constitution did not include education?"  Around 1786 when the constitution was approved for the US with the thirteen original states, there were many other more important things to deal with, and education was at its infancy.  The US Constitution was amended 27 times or so thereafter, but not for education.   IS THE INDIVIDUAL STATE'S RIGHT TO INDEPENDENT, INDIVIDUAL STATE CONTROLLED EDUCATION PRODUCING BETTER RESULTS?  NO, IT DOES NOT.  IT PRODUCES A VERY BROAD VARIATION OF RESULTS FROM STATES WORSE THAN TENNESSEE OR ALASKA TO BETTER THAN AVERAGE PERFORMANCE IN THE INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES, LIKE MASSACHUSETTS OR CONNECTICUT. THE AVERAGE OF ALL STATES POOR AT AVERAGE ACT SCORE OF ALL STATES CLOSE TO 21.  ACT 21 IS REPRESENTED AS A VERY GOOD TARGET BY THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS TO LOOK GOOD TO THE PUBLIC.  IT ACTUALLY REPRESENTS HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE IN THE 59-61%, AND THAT IS FAR FROM BEING ENOUGH.  That is not going to be an employable level even at minimum wage levels by 2024. It makes the state results poor with only a few exceptions.  Is this costing us less?  No.  It costs us 50 times more covering all states.  Another example:  When your employee turnover is at a very high number like 30% at the state department of education,  it is a management problem at the top or close to the top that is causing it.  The minimum cost of employee turnover is the annual total cost of the employee with benefits.  If the 30% represents 400 people, and the average annual salary with benefits is $60,000, the expense of that turnover is $24 million.  Why do we hire or elect people who don't have enough management training and experience to recognize such problems early?  The investment per employee to test for a match to the job would cost $500.  Using such services would save many millions of dollars.  There are groups of psychologists that provide pretesting service to avoid such problems.  Our public education does not believe in many things that are appropriate management practices.  But the poor results in many of our states, and no action taken by the governors to correct public education performance, is not a job well done.  It is the duty of elected officials to do a good job for the public when elected. But unfortunately management oversight in political and education leadership does not appear to exist.  That in turn results in poor education for our children.

    PLEASE remember this:  Old habits die hard.  And the great majority of us dislike change.  Both are basic human characteristics.  BUT, change is a certainty.   In many situations, you either change, or you "die."   We waste a lot of money in public education and produce results that are too low.  About 80% of our high school graduates MINIMUM will not be employable.  WE ARE TOP SPENDERS AND BOTTOM PERFORMERS ALREADY.  But we claim to provide "excellence for all children" and "world-class education".  POOR PERFORMERS ALWAYS DEPEND ON POSITIVE STATEMENTS THAT ARE UNTRUE.  TOO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM.  GOOD PERFORMERS HAVE NO NEED TO MANUFACTURE GOOD NEWS.  THEIR ENTIRE RECORD IS GOOD NEWS.  About 5% of our high schools are good, 95% ARE NOT.  AVERAGE 25 ACT RESULTS ARE NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH WHEN YOUR COMPETITORS ARE BETWEEN AVERAGE ACT 29 AND 34 EQUIVALENT.  HOWEVER NO ONE, NOT EVEN THE GOVERNOR does anything about THE 95% UNEMPLOYABLE GRADUATES.  We do not want to visit the high performing countries in education to find out how to solve the big problems and poor results we have.  I am sorry but a governor's life must include not only glorious honors, being the most famous person who was voted in by all those people who don't know him.  He spoke about fixing our poor education when he ran for office, like his predecessors.  He did nothing about it exactly like his predecessors so far.  We have some large school districts who do a poor job educating our children.  But they have no respect for tax dollars.  For example, school district central management having too many people is very common.  Not just a few more than normal.  How about 8 times normal, for decades!  Could governors keep an eye on it and correct it?  They should, but they do not.  80% of high school graduates are not even ACT Ready, a very low measure.  Why can't a governor keep an eye on it and correct it? We seem to be under the impression in political and education management, that the manager who hires someone in politics or education does not need to know what that new employee needs to achieve and why.  So, they hire a Ph.D.  He/she is smart (true) and will know what to do. But if the hiring manager does not know what needs to be done in detail AND TO WHAT STANDARD, he/she can't even ask the right questions from the candidate. The local elected school board majority decides to hire the superintendent, who needs to be managing the entire school district.  He has to know a lot more than the locally elected school board does.  I would think that if a new superintendent had to take advice from the elected board members who knew less than the superintendent in 1875, this was not a problem.  But today it is a huge problem.  If you ask why, the answer from state management is that "we found that the best decision maker for a successful school is the locally elected school board."  It made absolutely no sense, and I found out that this opinion ORIGINATED IN 1875!!!  Amazing.  What that tells you is that we have a lot of decision makers in public education who are missing a taco or two from the combination plate.  I was stunned about what kind of expertise was managing our public education for more than 100 years!


    • AI-based cognitive robotics that will start replacing most four-year university degree-based jobs,
    • Nanotechnology that will create a manufacturing revolution similar to nanometer resolution 3D printing with major savings and huge impact on material sciences and other sciences, and
    • Space Science with significant additions to physics, chemistry, antigravity engines, transportation, literally thousands of new engineering and science areas everywhere worldwide.



The “Logic In Using Cut Scores
To Fix Failing Grades”

Please go to Cut Scores,  page 11, (Nedesky et al.) Cut_Scores_Primer.pdf. The idea is accepted, written in a complicated way, that if a student has a failing grade close to the passing point, there could be circumstances under which he could be passing the test.  Two decades ago, the passing point was 70% correct answers in a test.  A decade ago or so, 60% correct answers would pass the test.  There are many marginal students in a poorly performing education system like ours.  It is conceivable that with this argument, we could name many students who would fail the test, but if they are close to passing, what the hell, lets make them happy and pass them.  That is the logic used by Nedesky and three other authorities used in education's justification for using cut scores. . Please remember that the justification logic refers to being close to the pass/fail point, like + or - 5% at most, and such logic also would have slightly passing students who are are actually failures.. But we are applying this logic only to passing failing students. It should be obvious that that using cut scores for this purpose is unjustifiable, because todays's children who just barely graduate will not be employable, when 75-84% of graduates are not even ACT Ready, a low qualification.The real motivation is the fact that the public education system acts traditionally making the graduation rate most important.  Who benefits from such practice?  Not the graduating student because his knowledge is nowhere near enough to be employed in today’s environment, with major changes coming to potential employers represented by AI Based Cognitive Robotics, Nanotechnology, and Space Science.  Look at the ACT score chart for the past 20 years.  We have been under performing for more than 20 years.  Public education informed the public making ACT 21 looks like a real achievement.  Do not believe such nonsense.  ACT 21 represent about 59-61% subject knowledge.  Employers were always looking for a B average or higher in job candidates, except for minimum wage jobs. But the employment picture changed.  It became more demanding in math, sciences as the years went by.  Public education decided to teach less math and science.  They focus only on graduating as many children as possible.  75-85% of those they graduate with a diploma are not even ACT Ready!  With black students, it can be 94% of the graduates!  That many are somewhere BELOW 60% SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE!!  WILL THEY SURVIVE WITH NEW TECHNOLOGIES COMING AT A MUCH FASTER RATE THAN TODAY?  Look at the facts!  Does public education care about the education of our children?  Are people we elect  responsible for it including our president and governor out there? If they were, they would insist on high enough average ACT scores above 27 because that would mean that three quarters of our children would graduate well enough educated.  Is that good enough?  I don’t think so.  We all have to understand that we, as a country, pay the highest amount per student to public education from our hard-earned taxes, and have been doing it for decades.  For that money, we get graduates who are the worst in math among the industrialized countries.  This is not a friendly, professional act.  It does not help our states or nation.  It is destructive, and we are requesting all governors to investigate and correct this destructive situation.  That should be part of their objective in writing, with a reasonable ACT or SAT objective that ensures at least ten years of employability.  ACT Readiness means that the student passed three high school benchmark subjects plus reading at an average ACT score of 21 for the four benchmark subjects. ACT 21 means only 60% subject knowledge.  That is all ACT Readiness is. That level of knowledge was not acceptable in the past, and is a lot less acceptable tomorrow.  That objective should be minimum 80% ACT readiness OR PASSING GRADE AT 70% OR 80%  of high school graduates ON ALL SUBJECTS.  THAT’S WHAT WE HAD DECADES AGO, AND THAT’S WHAT HIGH PERFORMING COUNTRIES HAVE.  Is that unreasonable?  Tell that to all those that we elected to office!  It may be your child that will become part of our fast-growing poverty!!  By the way, our poverty rate is the fastest growing, one of the highest in the world.  Let me just mention to all of you that education picked average ACT 21 an objective in many states like Tennessee twenty years ago.  Do you know what percentage of our children will NOT BE ACT READY, WHICH IS A LOW MEASURE?!  75-80%!!  AMONG BLACK STUDENTS I THINK WE NEED SOME NEW LAWS WITH VERY SERIOUS CHANGES TO GET US AS A COUNTRY ON THE RIGHT TRACK SO THAT WE DO NOT DESTROY OURSELVES. The grades used to be F, failing at and below 60% good answers on a test. 60-69% good answers was a D, but a couple of decades ago it was also a failing grade.  70-79% good answers was a C,  80-89% good answers was a B, at and above 90% was an A grade.  I may be off by one percent.  Many of lives’ decisions are based on specific boundaries set by the country, the company where you work, your religion and so on.  MOST boundaries are essential.  But all boundaries need to be important and easy to understand.  The old grading system was that.  The new one IS confusing in my opinion, too complex for the great majority, AND THAT automatically sets up the education system to be "judge and jury" at the same time. State departments of education can change it any year, it becomes too difficult to judge how to understand how our children are learning, how good the school is doing its business, that is not going well at all if you look at the ACT score chart for twenty years.  With the new grading method, you are hurting one of the fastest growing people impoverished in the world!  That is us people! They can only be  asking someone in education, whose opinion is one-sided.  Public education lied to us for a long time, and ended up teaching less and less to our children.  For more than 20 years they degraded our children.  Our children’s education AND OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE DEPENDS NOT ON MAKING SCORE INTERPRETATION MORE TRICKY AND DIFFICULT TO GRADUATE MORE CHILDREN WHO OTHERWISE WOULD FAIL!  OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH OUR CHILDREN LEARN.  AND THAT DEPENDS ON HOW WELL THEY ARE TAUGHT IN ALL CLASSES THAT HAVE  INTERESTING TEACHERS.  BASED ON WHAT I HAVE SEEN INTERNATIONALLY, “INTERESTING” DEPENDS ON THE TEACHERS’ PERSONALITY, INTELLIGENCE, MASTER’S-LEVEL TRAINING AND HIS/HER LOVE AND HIGH-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT THEY TEACH. WHY DON’T YOU GO TO GOOGLE AND FIND OUT HOW GOOD OUR TEACHER TRAINING IS?  YOUR CHILD DEPENDS ON HIS EDUCATION TO SURVIVE!  NOT ON THE GRADING SYSTEM! DON’T ASK FOR MORE MONEY FOR EDUCATION! ASK FOR CHANGES IN OUR SCHOOLS THAT CAN PRODUCE RESULTS LIKE THE BEST TWO OR THREE COUNTRIES DO IN EDUCATION AND BEAT THEIR RESULTS!  THOSE INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOLS GRADUATE CHILDREN WITH AN ACT EQUIVALENT AVERAGE OF 29-34, AND MANY OF OUR STATES ARE BELOW TENNESSEE WHO AVERAGE A POOR 19-20!! IF THAT REQUIRES MORE MONEY,  YOU SHOULD GET IT!!  BUT GETTING MORE MONEY WITHOUT CHANGING HOW EDUCATION IS DOING ITS JOB, WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BUT WASTE MORE MONEY! Let’s look at the new grading system we have.  In 2016 we changed the grades to “Below”, “Approaching”, “On-track”, and “Mastered”.  You have to read how this works.  Please read the cut score scheme for scoring our students that was approved in 2016 at and  click here to read it.  Please read it.  You have to see this. Let me repeat.  The employability of any child depends on how excellent his/her elementary and high school education was compared to the best two-three nations in education.  That excellent education will not depend on the confusing grading system.  The excellent education also will not happen if we keep comparing ourselves to the worst regional US performance. It will depend on comparing to the best globally, that is where we should be, and figuring out with the best non-political minds what we should be achieving each year, and learn from the best how they do it, and change accordingly.   You are not going to become better by parroting how excellent you are, when you have poor results.  Improvement always starts with open recognition of what and where you are honestly, learn from the best in the world, and improve in order of priority, without lying to the public who pay for it, and with high morale on top.”


The public does not know what cut scores are.

"Cut scores increase the grades that our children get!" True.

"Cut scores enable many more of our children to get a diploma and graduate from high school." True.

"Do cut scores require any changes in how we teach and motivate children?" No change required in the way we teach.

"Do cut scores allow children to get a passing grade, so that they can graduate with less knowledge, than was required in the past, regardless of what the curriculum specifies. Yes! Who is/was doing that?! The state Department of Education.

"Do we graduate children who would otherwise fail?" Yes. 75-84% of them.

"But they have passing grades! What are you talking about?" Yes they have passing grades like a B, C, D. We decided to pass them at 30% good answers and 70% bad answers, instead of that bad, bad, very bad 60% good answer requirement! Isn't that nice? The student is happy and his parents are happier than ever before, and we the school feel better than anyone!

"Based on what you tell us you graduate them without enough knowledge, and that way they do not know enough to do well in college or in any job." Not so Mr. Spencer. We are following the Moroccan Boomsie Algorithm to create a progression to have them reach much higher ACT scores. I get tears in my eyes as I am telling you this great news. The governor and the State School Board of Education approved it because Dr. Boomsie earned a PhD not just only at the Budapest Institute of Sexology, but also a second PhD in Chaos Theory. And is he ever good in Chaos!!! Our state school board and other school boards happily endorsed it, and our superintendent at KCS, Jason-Mason Rude' PhD will win The Golden Duck award for it in Nashville for sure.

"I feel better now..."


There are specific companies who create tests under a paid contract for any subject or group of subjects, covering exactly what the curriculum specifies by law. Read about them by clicking here. Some such companies are doing billions of dollars worth of annual business. A state pays many millions of dollars to one of several companies that create, administer on-line the tests that meets the curriculum requirement exactly as contracted. Then we spend millions of dollars on a group of "experts" in the state's department of education to change the scoring in order to change the grades. THE STATE CAN CHANGE THEM ANY YEAR TO MAKE THE STUDENTS' SCORE LOOK ACCEPTABLE TO THE PUBLIC, WITH A COMPLICATED AND VERY POSITIVE EXPLANATION.

In every single case when a cut score is used, it devalues, or dumbs down the created state test by lowering the required percentage of correct answers for a grade, lowering the failing point by lowering the required minimum percentage of correct answers (e.g. 60%) to e.g., 40% most often. This makes the test easier to pass. And the student learns less. The only question is how much does the state Education Department dumbs down the test for all subjects or some subjects and therefore dumbs down the student.

The TCAP cut scores

After 2010 the states started to use something called "cut scores" to change the grading of state tests (called TCAP in Tennessee). The public school scores were very poor and declining. Cut scores are a relatively new way of changing test results.

The company that creates the test prepares it such that if 90-100% of the answers are correct, the score would be an "A". If 80-89% of the answers are correct then the score would be a "B" and so on, until the correct answers are less than 60%. At less than 60% the test result for the student would be a failing grade or an "F". That is the standard to which the test supplying organizations adhere.


It takes a simple effort to make this change. In the scoring module of the software that scores each answer in each test for any subject, there is a grade definition module the species what percentage of correct answers constitute what grade. For example a failing F grade is typically less than 60%. Practically any programmer could find where this grade definition module is, and simply change the "less than 60%" area to "less than 40%" or anything the state Department of Education decides.

Some states like Tennessee decided to redefine all grades, for example from a certain starting date, 52% correct answers will be redefined as a "B" and less than 30% correct answers will be an "F," with all grades adjusted accordingly. Tennessee made such a decision around 2011. Many other states did the same or similar thing. The ACTs and SATs are national tests and have not been scored ever to a lower standard to show higher grades, but became the indicator of our education districts' teaching our children less and less. Our states have done exactly that, to make their education performance look better to the public, and to focus on graduating 90% of the students as soon as possible. However, when the ACT is given close to the end of high school, it provides something called an "ACT Readiness" percentage that is based on a four-subject benchmark that represent what employers would need. "ACT Readiness" indicated lately that only 15-18% of those Tennessee students who graduated WITH A DIPLOMA from high school are prepared to be educated/trained for any job such that they can earn an income to support a family of four minimally. Even then robotics will replace most of them in five years.

For example, McDonald's already contracted to replace all employees in 25,000 stores. Other fast food manufacturers have made similar decisions. Supermarkets are planning to do the same, because today's high school graduates cannot communicate properly, cannot even do basic math or fill out a job application and have a bad attitude. This is just a start, and it is not reversible. These results were formed over 12-14 years of primary and secondary education and became a habit.

Anything to resolve this problem, like a free two-year additional college, cannot solve the problem that was created over 12-14 years. The neuronal interconnections that start in a newborn's brain rapidly in response to neurological "sensors" do this function at a specific age. For example mental math between ages 4 and 10 or vocational preferences are not set up until age 22. After these specific period the neuronal area for the function starts slowing. "If you don't use it, you lose it!" applies. So graduating low performing students will not be anywhere nearly as responsive to remedial education after high school. It will be very hard for them, and if they did not have the drive or interest in school, they will be much less able to learn after high school.It is the primary and secondary education that needs to be fixed. A two-year "patching" of the problem will not solve the problem. It will just cost a lot of money. To evaluate results, just have the two year program graduates take the ACT and see what percentage of them will be scoring ACT Ready. We have 14,500 school districts in the USA. They can monkey around with both the state testing as well as the curriculum. With each of them doing their own thing, the results in learning not only varies state-to-state, but school district to school district. It is not possible to create competitive results state wide or nation wide this way, and the results will continue to go down, because that is the only way that good grades can be created with "Cut Scores". This kind of practice dumbs down the public. The dumbing down started in 1970 or even earlier. So the public cannot notice the dumbing down, because the test grades have been dumbed down


Please note that every state and every school district can do what they want in the USA only. The school districts are guaranteed to receive the same amount of money as what they have received the prior year, minimum. The state can modify the right number of correct answers required for a letter grade every year if they wish with the "cut score" method, to make the poor test performance appear as much as 20-30% better. They dumb down the tests. That, in turn, dumbs down our children and the diplomas they earned. But the results are not consistent. The first test results of a new state test shows that the students don't know as many of the answers as they should. They are averaging an "F," and that looks very bad for the teachers and the school district and the state. So the state Education Department changes the scoring of the test.

It appears that the state could recognize what the problems are and solve it while being open to the public, who paid for all the state test "experiments." They decreased the number of correct answers required for one or more grades to make the scores look as if the school was doing a good job. They do not tell the parents about this adjustment, and this is what they call "Cut Scores." When the state education department changes a "B" grade from between 80-89% correct answers to anything less, like 52%, they actually dumb down the test as much as 20-30% by setting the percentage of correct answers lower than what the standard was, in one or more subjects.

  • The test is dumbed down as an example 20-30% by making 52% correct answers in the test a "B" instead of 80% correct answers as the minimum for a "B".

  • The state test is producing higher grades, and they celebrate in all school districts the higher grades as legitimate improvement,

  • The parents are very happy about little Johnny's grades improving, and

  • Then it is graduation time, and little Johnny gets his diploma but cannot get a job and cannot even fill out a job application, cannot communicate properly or do even basic math. Plus he has a bad attitude on the job because he cannot do it well, so he blames his boss. He did not learn enough, because he was not taught well enough to do better. Example to support the following is this. Our African American graduates have only a 3-6% readiness upon graduation from high school to be prepared to learn a job. The performance is that bad all the way down to grade one. But a charter school in NYC called Success Academy Schools, who started in 2006 and have 46 schools in NYC, score in the TOP 1-3% passing even most private schools without using "cut scores" in the New York state tests, WITH POOR, INNER CITY BLACK CHILDREN. WHEN SUGGESTING THAT OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION SEND A FEW PEOPLE TO THIS SCHOOL TO FIND OUT HOW THEY ARE DOING SO WELL, THEY REFUSED. AND THEY ARE PAID $20,000 PLUS UP TO $5,000 PER ANNUM IN EXPENSES AND A CAR ALLOWANCE.

We read all the creative justifications for cut scores by the state's Education Department. The above results are a fact, but instead of telling the public straight what it is, it gets covered up by substituting four differently named performance classifications. The big gap between the ACT Readiness vs. the total number of graduates who are NOT ACT Ready, confirms the same if one discusses this with people in ACT's management.

Each state AND EACH SCHOOL DISTRICT of which we have 14,000 approximately in the nation, is in control of all school decisions that are normally centralized in the high-performing countries. That means that we are not only dumbing down the population, BUT WE ARE PAYING FOR THE DUPLICATION OF STAFF FOR SOME OF THESE FUNCTIONS IN EVERY STATE AND SCHOOL DISTRICT. WE INTEND TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY AMERICAN EDUCATION DECLINED (e.g., AND FOR EXAMPLE ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS HAVE ADDITIONAL STAFF UNDER THE DEPARTMENT CALLED "CURRICULUM".). ARE THE PEOPLE CHEATED OUT OF WHAT THEY NEED FOR THE REST OF THEIR CHILDREN'S LIVES (EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE) THAT THE PUBLIC HAS PAID FOR WITH THEIR TAX DOLLARS? ARE THE STATES THAT USE CUT SCORES USE THE PEOPLE'S HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS TO CREATE A SYSTEMATIC DUMBING DOWN OF THE PUBLIC? Or is the truth something like mass hypnosis all over the US by Da Boogabooga Man from the mountains of the Congo, or just a plain old misunderstanding, by the state's education department and supported by the governor, or do Tennessee children have a lower IQ than the inner city children in NYC? I think that we need an explanation from the governor.

The adjustments could be different from state to state since we already have different state tests and state curricula. It looks to us like a huge dumbing down of the curriculum itself. HUGE. There are official explanations on the Internet, but no one can deny the fact that it is the lowered test results for the grades on the test that gave a higher grade to allow children to score higher in the tests and graduate. Many could not have graduated without it. Such dumbing down cannot be done to the national tests, the ACT, the SAT, and the NAEP, but the NAEP is given only every 3-4 years per subject.

WHY ARE THEY NOT FIXING AND IMPROVING THE SCHOOLS TO THE SAME STANDARD THAT OTHER NATIONS LIKE FINLAND, SINGAPORE, FRANCE, JAPAN, CANADA AND OTHERS ADOPTED? WE IDENTIFY ON THE OPENING PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE WHAT AREAS NEED IMPROVEMENT TO DO JUST THAT. THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT DOES NOT HELP WITH CHANGES THAT WOULD IMPROVE THE SCHOOL RESULTS. THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE. THEY, OR EVERYONE ABOVE THEM SIMPLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. WHY NOT? Because we changed. They cannot read or do basic math, can read and write block letters only but not well, want more money and have a bad attitude. Most of us used to be very interested in learning and understanding new and old things alike. They had fun with the work they were doing. Today, work is for making money, and we never have enough of it. Work is rarely fun. We want more money. Both parents work hard. It is funny to imagine that this way the time will come when a newborn baby will be put to work in a day or two. Imagine such pro wrestlers, bus drivers or teachers, or police men. There will be no time for potty training! How about a democrat running to be president!! He has to be 11. A baby girl could be 8 for a presidential run. Or look around in congress! With everyone less than ten years old. Well, the diaper changers will be robots that can speed-read, can do calculus in the head. But during voting the robots will be very busy. And you thought we had enough droppings around already. And we will be able to solve the "air pollution" inside the meeting halls so that our representatives do not have to wear gas masks. They promised that 25 years before.There will be Disneyland on every block!!!!!

It appears that we never had a board majority who knew what to do, BUT they were also not listening to others' advice. THEY ARE NOT THE TYPE WHO WOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE TO ADMIT THAT THEY DON'T KNOW SOMETHING. This is normal human behavior and it will take more time and education, formal and informal, to grow out of it. Perhaps they could try some magic next. LIKE something recommended by Count Bawkoola (must pronounce it with a deep voice) from Transylvania to implement a magic system. We do not seem to know how to bring our education standards up to a competitive level with any other method than "magic." We will try to help anyone who wants to make our education better.

There is no doubt that cut scores represent a very significant dumbing down of our children during the last few years. Not that it is a new method, because our education deteriorated for more than 50 years. That means that some in leadership have been doing their own magic on today's parents all along. If we are correct with all assumptions, we do not feel that it was appropriate to hide this huge dumbing down from the public, who pay for public education with their hard earned tax dollars. To lie to the public by telling them that we are doing very well, a B+ average in the TCAPs when that grade without the cut score method would be a big F, was not the right thing to do by JM, superintendent, in our opinion.

The New TNReady Cut Scores
"Let's cut the PASS/FAIL point as before plus let's confuse them with funny names instead of A, B, C, D, F"

Reference: TNReady Cut Scores.

Tennessee results are lower than the US average. The Tennessee state test was replaced recently. It is called TNReady. The Tennessee Department of Education also decided AGAIN, to use cut scores on the new test. We think that it would be a safe bet to assume that the new Tennessee test will be dumbed down, perhaps more than the old one, instead of going in the other direction to align it with the state's average ACT score goal of 21. ACT 21 is a very low score with only a 25% ACT Readiness percentage of graduates. That means that 3 out of 4 graduates are NOT READY. ACT 21 has been a Tennessee goal for 15 years. It is a very low expectation score. Tennessee education people talk about high expectations, but the goals tell one what they really believe.

Again, it was prepared by a professional company to match the curriculum as we stated before. The state is changing to cut scores on the new test, most likely because they do not want to have the public see how poorly educated our children are. Again, let us compare to a normal, traditional grade distribution as before, with five different grades, A - F. 90-100% correct answers are an A, all the way to 60% or less being a failing grade or F. This is how the tests are designed. We are changing the grade distribution to four areas named already. The word "Failing" does not exist in the vocabulary. WE SEEM TO BE TOO CONCERNED WITH THE SELF ESTEEM OF CHILDREN. I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU THAT WORRYING ABOUT SELF ESTEEM AT A TIME WHEN CHILDREN MUST BE READY TO SURVIVE IN A TOUGH WORLD IS WEAKENING THEM, BUT IT GIVES AN EXCUSE TO PUBLIC EDUCATION TO CONTINUE A PATH THAT DESTROYS OUR CHILDREN'S ABILITY TO SURVIVE. THAT JUST TELLS US THAT THE LEADERSHIP'S SKILLS IN MANAGEMENT AND PROBLEM SOLVING IS POOR, BUT THEIR 2016 Tennessee Cut Scores In Detail. The percentage of right answers, to qualify for each of the "graded" entries is below with only one subject. English and various mathematics courses and US History are the only ones graded. No science course is graded. No music or art course is graded. WE THINK THAT THIS IS A VERY SHORT SIGHTED DECISION ON THE CHOICE OF COURSES, ALTHOUGH IT APPEARS THAT WE ARE USING TNREADY FOR GRADES 3-8 ONLY. IT WAS EXTENDED INTO HIGH SCHOOL AS WELL.We are beginning to see very serious preparation to replace low end, not ACT Ready graduates in fast food and in supermarkets to follow with robotics, with a continuing penetration of 125 classes of vocations whose workers have a four-year university degree. By 2026, all of this will be accomplished, along with millions of replaced workers on the street, hungry and making babies. Minority parents are very concerned about their children. We publish good news only from the school districts. The parents' idea is that "My son qualified for a diploma. Why can't you teach him a job?!" That is the impression that our public schools are leaving with the parents and the students. BIG MISTAKE. Leaving sciences, art and music out of the curriculum and testing: all of these are needed for brain development. The job market with robotics within it as a competitor, will require much more training than the 40th nation in high school mathematics could provide. Robotic technology will keep improving much more rapidly than our children. ALLOWING THE DETERIORATION OF PUBLIC EDUCATION WAS AND IS OUR BIG MISTAKE.

In A, B, C, D, F grading, these letters identify a 10% range of possible grades for A, B, C and D, plus a 60% range for F. Instead of A, B, C, D, F grading, the cut scores results are also in five grades or levels of student performance, but the cut scores identify a single grade boundary only and not the entire range for each single grade.


The most important segmentation of cut scores is the border between failing and the first passing grade.

Level 4: Mastered (Mastered Grade-level)
Level 3: On-track (On Grade-level)
Level 2: Approaching (Approaching Grade-level).
Level 1: Below (Below Grade-level)

As a conclusion on the TNReady Levels above, it appears that a failing grade in English I is not at or below having 60% good answers on a test or course, but having below 23.7% correct answers in a test. This is the top percentage number per subject in the "Below" column for English I . That means that we are passing a lot more children who have produced failing grades before, who know a lot less than with the old grading system. The results were poor before implementing the cut score system, and the new system graduates even more poorly qualified children. We have many well credentialed people in public education. This not just appears to be an idiotic mistake on the top, but it actually is idiotic, that seriously damages the future of the entire country, especially when you add the black and white problem that we did not make an effort to resolve in a hundred years, plus the fastest growing poverty in the world, all thanks to mismanaging education. This is important evidence showing the decline of many things, like education itself, people not standing up if they notice serious problems, and a total lack of understanding the areas for which people are promoted into in both public education and in politics as well. If you disagree, then please tell me what laws were passed and what has been changed in in public education that raised the ACT and SAT scores! There was no change in the results. Look at the ACT chart.It appears that at the same time we are making the Level 3 and 4 performance more difficult than the A and B grade definitions before. We do not feel that this is the right action to improve performance. We are allowing a huge percentage of poorly performing students, awarding them to get a passing grade, instead of improving the teachers' training and work environment to enable the children to learn more. We are creating the worst possible motivation to learn more when we drop the failure score from less than 60% correct answers to less than 23.70%.

Using English I in the above chart, if the correct test answers fall between 0% - 23.70% correct answers only, the child gets a failing grade called "Below", a brilliant choice for the name of grade to save self-esteem that started in the 1970's and found to be damaging. So the teacher would say "Johnny, you got a "Below" grade in English I!" To which Johnny would say "Below what?! Below the desk?! Where? Where?" "Below" is what we used to call an "F" for "Failure". Not the best choice in names. The lowest passing grade, 23.70% or more correct answers, is called now the new failing grade, called "Below". The child gets a failing grade called "Below" when he has less than 23.70% correct answers in a test. Although not the same, it compares to 0% - 60% good answers only in a test we called an "F" for being a failing grade. The lowest passing grade goes from 23.70% to but not including 73.20% called "Approaching" (23.70% plus 49.50%), another brilliant name that someone who makes probably more than $200K thought up after a lot of agonizing. We called "Approaching" a "D". 60% - 69% correct answers in a test in the past, now corresponds to 23.70% - 73.20% correct answers in the TNReady test. That is almost as large in performance as four times a "D" score. What the TNReady cut scores are doing so far is dropping the passing grade from 60% to 23.70% passing many students who could not have passed before, and loading up the first passing grade so large that we will see the top two grades much more difficult to achieve. Supposedly, this will align us for much better ACT scores. There are two big problems with this logic. One is that it will open up the flood gates to the many children to pass who were failing under the old system that produced only 17% of those who actually graduated from high school in Tennessee with a diploma. Our past educational performance was poor. This will make it worse. Poor schools do not prepare winners by adopting a new Cut Score system that dumbs students down. Student performance does not depend on adopting cut scores for higher grades, because the cut score method reduces children's knowledge. We are dumbing them down. Lowering the first passing grade from 60% to 23.70%, does not increase the children's average knowledge. It reduces it SIGNIFICANTLY. And for the Tennessee Education Department to do this to our children, most likely with the Governor's approval, I never thought I would see such a degrading idea coming from the state education department. It is only the improvement of how we teach all children, starting with a well planned pre-school program, with well trained and happy teachers who know their subject and the latest, most effective teaching methodology in the world that holds any hope for our children. The minimum requirement to achieve that is an 80% ACT Readiness, for which we need to achieve an average ACT score of 25-26.

Tests are designed exactly under contract for the specific subject test within the curriculum as requested by the state, such that 90-100% correct answers will be an "A" and less than 60% correct answers will be an "F". So we pay as a state $50-60 million per year for the new test, and we pay another company an additional $15-20 million per year to totally or partially dumb down a good test to get higher grades and students graduating with less knowledge than intended. In the case of TNReady we dumb down the two lowest passing grades, making the achievement of the top two highest scores' a little tougher. IT IS THE POOR SCHOOL SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED INSTEAD OF DUMBING DOWN THE STUDENTS TO GET HIGHER GRADES. ISN'T ANYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR MANAGING THE QUALITY OF OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR THE GOVERNOR? Manipulating scores by the state school system does not resolve the poor performance coming out of our public schools. IT MAKES IT WORSE. The TNReady cut scores above appear to represent a smaller change to make grades look better to parents, but it will not help to achieve higher ACT scores, because we are simply lowering the passing grade, with some subjects a lot. That rewards only those children who were producing failing grades in the past by lowering the bar for passing a course. The big problems to improve results are teacher knowledge of the subject and teaching methodology, as well as the conditions under which the teachers work. They don't know the subjects well enough to get children excited about what they are learning, a very important part of teaching. We have to make this process easier for teachers, by having them better educated about the subject they teach, the exciting things about the subject and the work one does in the subject, giving them more authority in the classroom by handling discipline violations with tougher consequences, and eliminating some non-teaching activities for teachers that takes away their preparation time. Teaching is not a fun job any more. Learning is also not a fun job for the children. We have to change that for both.




Read here the final, approved document about cut scores. PLEASE TRY TO READ IT. Is this the magic plan to improve results? It is not, and it cannot be. Why? Because the problem does not require confusion to implement something that flat cannot work. Surely there are smart people among those who approved it. Did they ask the questions they should have?! No! They were good little boys and girls, fearing their future if the multi-billionaire with presidential ambitions will hurt them if they say anything that he does not like. Political decisions are not a good thing to manage anything efficiently to good results. Look at the promise at the end of this report. Unbelievable BS. To manage a group of people to ACHIEVE better results, each of them needs to understand what their monthly objectives are, and change the way they have been working every day before. Expert guidance by someone who knows what he/she is doing IS VERY IMPORTANT AT THE START.


Are cut scores the most important tool to improve our poor education system? We don't think so. ABSOLUTELY NOT. IT HELPS THE DUMBING DOWN OF THE POPULATION WITH SEVERAL OTHER CHOICE "PROGRAMS" THAT ALL AID THE DUMBING DOWN OF OUR CHILDREN.

THE BIG PROBLEM IS: the schools are not improving, and the grades are likely to keep dropping as before. The state education department dumbs down the state test scores more, and the grades magically increase! The state has done it before, the public only noticed that the grades improved, and no one notices that the children are graduating with less knowledge and they are becoming unemployable. But the day is coming when this correction by cut scores will give everyone an "A", even if they have not a single correct answer on a test.

The state can do that any time.




ACT scores and "ACT Readiness"
What are they?  What do they show?
Let us explain first what "ACT Readiness" means.

  The ACT chart covering twenty years seems to show that almost all of our children do not know enough of the high school subjects.  The K-12 curriculum must cover the subjects that the graduates will need to get a job and perform impressively in it.  Today, the graduation knowledge-level needs to be at 90% of the curriculum because our curriculum is behind the best countries' education.  Like the ACT, SAT, PISA (international), the various tests can be converted to a "percentage of knowledge" interpretation of knowledge, like a percentage scale.  If we convert the ACT, SAT, or PISA scores to a percentage of each test's maximum score, we can see approximately what percentage of subject knowledge the test score represents in the chart below, similar to any other test. For example, an average ACT 21 score is the same as an SAT 1070 score, both representing 58-61% knowledge of high school subjects that vary state-to-state and within some states, but the variation is always favoring lower and not higher performance.  But most international high school graduates of the leading countries in education also have to pass a so-called matriculation test ON ALL HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECTS AT THE END OF HIGH SCHOOL.  That ensures a significantly higher knowledge.   By not having such a test at graduation time, our children graduate high school with less knowledge because a lot of the first three years' material is forgotten by the end of high school.

On the ACT chart, the black numbers are the ACT scores. The red percentages below the black ACT scores are the ACT Readiness percentages/year in a group of graduates.   The third group, red percentages again, represents 80% OF GRADUATES who were NOT EVEN ACT READY (below 61% average knowledge on four K-12 subjects only), BUT WE GRADUATED THEM. Is the ACT Readiness standard too high?  Or is that standard a reasonable indicator of knowledge of what employers need?  What is the ACT College and Career Readiness?  We will cover the answers below.

The states' departments of education are the biggest customers of both ACT and SAT tests.  ACT dominates the market with a 52-56% market share. They would not be that unless both the education-organizations and the testing-organizations agree about the test results.  So, any standards are negotiated between them.  That means that the party that is failing its job will use its financial influence on the testing company to present a slightly better picture of school performance than reality is.  I am not certain that this is happening, but I would investigate it.  Considering the public education community's truthfulness with the public about the education they provide our children, who pay them the highest rates in the world per student, any behavioral analysis would show that such behavior is very likely. And it may be too modest. The parties that need education, the well-educated high school graduate, are the employers in all industries and the government. But they are not involved directly in the decisions on standards. The standards could be best defined by them, not by education, in a situation where total expenses are guaranteed, like in education. Just a point that we wanted to make upfront.  The average consolidated ACT score is the average of four individual subject tests. They are each scored 1-36. Your number of correct answers in four ACT tests converts to a score that ranges from 1 to 36 for each of the four tests in English, Math, Reading, and Science — and your ACT composite score is the average of those.  These four subjects are a close indicator of achievement based on ACT's correlation of scores vs. college performance after high school.  We are converting the ACT scores to a high school subject-knowledge percentage to show how much subject-knowledge the score represents.  Each ACT score point is equal to 2.78% (100% divided by 36) knowledge of the high school subjects.  As an example, an average consolidated ACT 21 score represents 58% subject knowledge level upon high school graduation for a single student or group of students (class, school, city, state). Knowledge levels below 80% upon graduation were not considered good enough for adequate education for income as far back as 1970.  We also include in the above conversion table the SAT and the international OECD PISA test scores as a percentage.  With robotic automation increasingly replacing more and more sophisticated jobs since about 2000, if someone wants a college education in science or engineering, the education that will survive robotics the longest, a STEM ACT Readiness with an average  29 ACT score WOULD BE NECESSARY.  This is only 80% knowledge of the high school subjects, but it also covers Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus THAT ARE PART OF THE HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM IN THE HIGH PERFORMING NATIONS IN EDUCATION.  Quite a few also include in the curriculum 2-4 languages, but not just a year or two in each.  The students have to be fluent in foreign languages.  The minimum ACT score for STEM ACT is 26 (44% knowledge of subjects). We are far behind them, but the top ten nations in education are between the STEM ACT equivalent score of 29-34 TODAY.  Our national average was an average ACT score of 20.7  in 2019 TENNESSEE, and THAT IS ONLY A 58% KNOWLEDGE OF HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECTS.  NOT GOOD.  IT IS TOO LOW.  THE TENNESSEE GOAL WAS AN ACT GOAL OF ONLY 21 SINCE 1995.  We never reached it because our education management did not understand how to use the state education departments' management tools.  Most state education departments also do not understand these terms and gave the wrong advice to the school districts about how to use them. We explain all this below.  Many of the good US universities already require between 29 and 34 ACT average for admission to study anything.  Our public education is behind.  If one talks to professors, they will tell you that today's high school graduates need two years of remedial education to start any freshman program today. Please remember that many of today's college degrees will not survive because the artificial intelligence programmed cognitive robots will be able to do a better job less expensively than we people could do.  The students who want to be in a field that will survive robotics for ten or more years would need to pass 80% STEM ACT Readiness at 29 average ACT score or more.  The surviving jobs will need to have graduate-level knowledge in mathematics, sciences, engineering or economics. Hopefully, we will improve in many areas rapidly, and achieving that level of knowledge will most like be easier than what we do today.

ACT Readiness is different.  ACT announced in 2006 that college entry readiness and job readiness became identical.  Job readiness was lower before 2006.  Unfortunately, ACT Readiness is not communicated clearly to parents, implying readiness to get a college degree. It is important, especially for parents and school children impoverished to understand this.  Our poverty rate is increasing.  Guess why? Because we are graduating poorly educated children.  The high international performers are way ahead of us.  Many of them get to their good results independently of what the parent can do to help because, impoverished, most parents are not educated well enough to understand how the child is doing, and their life is terrible.  The explanation they are given is that "God did not make all children college material.  But your little Johnny is smart, could learn a trade job, and make enough money!" Unfortunately, that is a lie that the poor parent accepts.  I spoke to African immigrant parents and other minorities in the high performing countries and saw how well they were doing.  MUCH BETTER THAN WE DO.  The new governor hires a new state superintendent.  Do you know how much our state education superintendents do to find out how well we are doing?  They visit a class in three schools in their city, with early announcements to the school about the visit and put on a good show. They don't go to the best countries in education to find out what high performance is about and how they do it, but they spend BILLIONS of dollars annually on our education that is far from the best.  As a country, we spend about one trillion dollars annually on public education. 

ACT’s Benchmark at the end of high school for “ACT Readiness” qualification is based on meeting only 4 of these individual subject scores: Math, Algebra score: 22 (61% knowledge), Science: Biology score: 23 (64% knowledge), Reading/Soc. Science: score: 22 (61%  knowledge) and English Composition score:18 (50% knowledge). Only those who pass all four subject benchmark tests are "ACT Ready." According to ACT, the ACT Ready students have a 50% - 75% chance to pass only four first-year college-level courses in the same freshman-level subject-name, as what the ACT benchmarks' subjects were. That is all that "ACT readiness" is. The four specific high school subjects only qualify the student as ACT ready at or above the four specified ACT scores because he passed the four subjects at an average 21 ACT score (representing only 58% subject knowledge).  At the passing score level on all four subjects, the student has a 50% chance to pass four courses in the identical benchmark subjects but on the freshman level only.  If the benchmark scores rise to the 80% level, then his chances go to 75% that he will get a passing grade only in the same four freshman courses.  But most universities require a 26-34 ACT average to enter.  That means that ACT Readiness is not the qualification you want because it is too low in 2020, even for taking basket weaving in college.  It is not an indicator by ACT for any other course or program or college entrance to complete entry into any job by 2023, except for domestic help. Also, ACT Readiness will be raised because it is already too low for employers beyond 2020. The STEM ACT definition has already been identifying the graduation knowledge level that will be necessary to be immune to robotics in the near future, hopefully for more than ten years.  From 2021 on  STEM ACT would be the right predictor of employability. 

Of all children we graduate from high school, more than 80% are not even ACT Ready in Tennessee and a number of other states.  A few years ago, our schools graduated ONLY THOSE STUDENTS who passed above 60% good answers ("D" average or higher) on EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECT.   Today, MORE THAN 80% of today's high school graduates with a diploma would have been failures because they can be anywhere BELOW 59-61%  knowledge ON ONLY FOUR SUBJECTS called "ACT Readiness benchmarks" who would not graduate under the old system we had. WE GRADUATE ABOUT 3.6 MILLION STUDENTS ANNUALLY in the US.  80% OF 3.6 MILLION IS ABOUT THREE MILLION CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT EVEN ACT READY.  This was a very foolish creation by the department of state education in every state because more than 80% of graduates do not have the knowledge to be employable - AND IT IS INCREASING!  ACT readiness is at such a low level of product knowledge that by 2023-2024 they will be replaced by robots as well.  We will need high school graduates today who are "STEM ACT ready" with an average 29 or higher average consolidated ACT score (80% ACT Ready).  STEM ACT is not only for engineering and science jobs.  It should be our standard for all high schools now because it will be required for all jobs after 2024.  Robots will take over the jobs that require less than STEM ACT Readiness who graduate from high school.  Why do we graduate them and give them a high school diploma to imply that they are ready to become self-supporting when they are not?!  It is a form of lying to the parents, especially in low-income areas. "Your child has done so well that he is congratulated in a public ceremony and given a diploma!" A piece of paper called a diploma, but the child did not learn enough to get a job.  We respectfully requested that our governor ask someone to explain why the education department is allowing our education system to perform this poorly.  No one ever replied.  Someone higher up should be asking that question, but they don't.

Our public education wants to look good and will not admit poor performance. This is basic human behavior, and THAT is never ignored in intelligence operations against any nation, by any other nation. It is also basic human tendency to underestimate the competition/opposition not only in public but in our own minds. Deception of the public, who pay for it all with hard-earned taxes is one of the lowest acts one can imagine. The same opponents can make very good use of that as well. When education writes huge amounts of positives about themselves that are untrue, they are broadcasting an invitation to the enemy. We do that very well, while our average education results are very poor already. No one can plan and succeed if they cannot face openly and accept their own weaknesses first.

OUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ARE NOT READY IN THE NUMBERS WE NEED. BETWEEN 5-10% ARE PREPARED. 90-95% ARE NOT. WE WOULD NEED MORE THAN 80% ACT READY COMING OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL URGENTLY, AND DRIVE IT ABOVE 95%. HOWEVER BY 2024-2025 WE WILL NEED 80% STEM ACT READY GRADUATES BECAUSE EDUCATION WILL BECOME TOTALLY DOMINATED BY MANY NEW JOBS THAT WILL REQUIRE GRADUATE LEVEL MATHEMATICS, SCIENCES, ENGINEERING AND ECONOMICS TO SURVIVE. I wrote to governors about these problems as many as ten years ago. Seven times to some of them. And no one responded. It is time to find out why so many good, well-educated people or I made a lot of mistakes. I wrote to governors to get someone's comments if I was right or not. I paid for my investigation and domestic and international trips to the best countries in education. If I am mostly right, all of you law makers, politicians, and state commissioners of education, need to move fast to make some badly needed changes. You may not realize it, but in about four years time there will be many who will lose their jobs because our public education did not do their jobs WELL ENOUGH for decades. And please do not forget that the same people who did such a poor job at supervising the right education standards, the wasting of money instead of improving teacher training, management training, and making the right curriculum the standard for this nation, you invented your own thing or kept on doing what you did in 1875, creating "your version of excellence" for all children. Many higher paid new jobs will be created with the new technologies, but they will require more education with focus on more advanced mathematics, sciences, engineering, economics. We, unfortunately fell behind in the very subjects that would be a lifeline for our workforce and high school graduates and we do not have enough time to make up for what our public schools did not do well enough. Covid-19 was an opportunity to advance K-12 education, since the Internet offers incredible learning tools, and makes the best teachers' and professors' classes available for a very low price. We had very poor results for a long time, with inappropriate goals that cannot work. Instead of advancing our K-12 education, we decided to make no changes to our mostly boring classrooms, and Covid-19 will become the scapegoat for our public education's inability to look at what other nations are doing who passed us. 75-96% of our high school graduates are not even ACT Ready, a very modest qualification, and that means that the huge percentage of high school graduates who are not ACT Ready are kicked out into a much harder world with less than 50% high school subject-knowledge, with black students significantly under that figure. WHAT POSSESSED US TO NOT SOLVE THE BLACK AND WHITE PROBLEM FOR 100 YEARS? THE SOLUTION IS NOT MONEY, BUT BETTER EDUCATION TO GET HIGHER PAYING JOBS FOR THE FUTURE. WE ARE STILL A FEW DECADES BEHIND IN EDUCATION. OTHER NATIONS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES HAVE BEEN GRADUATED WITH CALCULUS, CHEMISTRY, AND PHYSICS 50 YEARS AGO, NOT JUST ALGEBRA AND BIOLOGY AS MANY OF OUR STATES ARE DOING. I am talking about not the availability of these courses, but their requirement for graduation from high school. For American public education to deteriorate this far while significantly hoodwinking the public who pay for it all, is absolutely outrageous. Do our political and education leadership and school district management realize the bad decisions they are making to produce bad results with the children on whom our future depends?? I may have made some mistakes in my study of our education system, but more than 90% of public education is totally missing the boat on education and both the political and education management did not initiate any action whatsoever to improve it, that could have raised the ACT and SAT scores TO WHERE THEY SHOULD BE.

Our public education would never acknowledge anything that they did wrong. This is very common in poorly performing organizations. On the other hand, organizations that are doing well will be the first to tell the public if they encountered a problem, AND they will also tell you what actions they are planning to correct the problem. The elected school board is ruled by majority decision. As a group some of their decisions will be beyond their experience. Public education is weak in several important areas, like teacher screening and training, management training, spending BIG money on things that do not work, but by law such expense remains in the future budgets and the education of children suffers as a result. They like to use any event that they can blame for their own poor performance. I am certain (in January 2021) that education performance will drop this year, and Covid-19 will be blamed for their poor performance. However, we all know that home schooling has been growing nicely for about eight years. It is well organized so that parents can select that as an option. We also know that several of our best universities, like MIT offer an outstanding high school education program. We also know and will present you on a list below, that the lectures of the best university professors are available for complete high school courses and more, and all that can be an enjoyable, fun experience for students. With Covid-19 all the needed courses were available for years, taught by much better professors than public school teachers. It seems to me that a brilliant school conversion could have taken place quickly to actually improve high school performance at a lower expense. The opportunity is there. The best materials are available. And we will find out shortly, if any any public school districts grabbed that opportunity not to complain, but to improve. Click here about home schooling's impact on college performance. This is very important because we need to improve the knowledge of high school graduates if we want them to be employable. Today most of them are not employable longer than a few years. For that reason, we need to open up immigration to more educated people. But we favor what sounds nice to those less fortunate. What we need public education that is redesigned to be the best for the future. Not only to solve today's problems, but to make it an exportable product. But that will not come from the education industry. It will come from a highly innovative Artificial Intelligence company.

I am wondering why a cooperative attitude does not exist among the education system of 50 states such that they could save money and make sure that curriculum is competitive (it is not) teacher training for the subject is not up to date) so that our children are employable when they graduate.

The states could retain their education independence and be in agreement on following the same standards for K-12 education that is the standard of Massachusetts, the best US state in education. However, being among the top three in the world nationally is a much safer position to keep. It is a smart choice to be guided by that as a five year goal, and incorporate in the annual plans objectives that lead there. Since we, in education if you think that we use objectives, we do not. We use the graduation rate as an objective that is based on act 21 (too low) plus the 90% graduation rate which is state test based that the state can manipulate to get higher grades.

The states use state tests to qualify high school students for graduation. I chose to use the ACT results for analysis because of my time limitations. Slightly more than 50% of the graduating students from high school take the ACT, and the rest use the SAT. The northeastern states generally perform better, and they use the SAT. In terms of performance, Massachusetts and Connecticut are the best performing states in US education, at an average ACT equivalent level of 26 and 25, representing 72-69% high school subject knowledge, respectively. On the international side, the top ten countries graduate all students at an ACT equivalent of 29-34 average equals 81-94% high school subject knowledge. Tennessee just graduated in 2020 at a 19.4 ACT average that represents 55% high school subject knowledge. We are not considering that the top ten countries in education cover more in the individual subject areas in their curricula for a diploma than we do. For example, in Mathematics, they cover subjects that we do not require for graduation, but they do, e.g., Solid Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Plane and Solid Trigonometry, Calculus. In Science, they have a year of Chemistry and Physics that uses Calculus, which we also do not have as a high school diploma requirement. The other countries also have to take an exam on all high school subjects that typically counts as half of their graduating grade. We were performing almost at the same level with high school graduates as the top internationals did in 1960. And then we started deteriorating. We are presenting a chart of the ACT, SAT, and PISA International scores. They have different score ranges, like 1-36 (ACT), 1-1600 (SAT), and 1- 600 (PISA), so we also show each as a percentage of subject knowledge on high school subjects. The bottom chart shows the percentage interpretations. Lastly, there are two measures or standards called ACT Readiness based on English, basic Algebra, Reading and Biology, and STEM ACT Readiness based on the same plus Pre - Calculus Mathematics, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics in addition. We will have a rapid increase in engineering, Science, and Mathematics, with robotics replacing most of today's jobs within about five years by 2026. If we want to have a prosperous country, we must concentrate public education on STEM ACT Readiness from now on. When you look at ACT, SAT, and PISA scores in our report, the corresponding percentage represents a percent of subject knowledge. The first reaction of today's teachers and students would see the STEM ACT Readiness as an impossibility too hard. This is not true. I attended 29 classes in high schools within four states to see what the students experienced. After each class, the word I heard from students most often was "BORING." They were boring. FACT: No adult or child will learn easily in a boring classroom. I noticed that the teachers' training was insufficient, and their personality was not well suited to communicate with students. Teaching is one of the most important jobs. It is a unique job. We will describe later what the important characteristics are for a high performing teacher. But we do not pay attention to such things, but other countries do. I also found that the teacher training curriculum has deteriorated at our teaching colleges. BUT OTHER DEPARTMENTS DID NOT! And that means that most of our teachers and principals are not at fault for not delivering enough knowledge and in a well-received way.Read about it here. High school teachers in the top ten countries in education require a Master's degree in the subject they teach in mathematics, the sciences or economics. WHY? Because at that level they can create exciting classes if they have the right personality. We do not pay attention to such things. The outcome is simple: boring classes turn off students, and we have a lot of them.

What is an acceptable good enough score? It was an 80% or B- average or higher for many decades what employers were looking for. We did not have high school graduates who could not make a change from a $50 note for a $23.00 bill. Or could not draw a 3"x8" rectangle from the corner of a plywood sheet. Or could not learn in two weeks to operate a machine with two 1-10 marked dials and a start button. The only thing they had to do was to set the dials to two numbers they were given and press the start button. I confirmed with the high school that they were high school graduates. It was shocking to meet such children. There should be no such high school graduate! None! With all the scientific advances during the last 50 years, employer needs did not decrease but increased. Unlike some others in the world, our education system set up a different grading system that is more confusing because several things changed in American K-12 education. For example, were different score ranges for different grades and different score range names necessary to confuse people? No, it was not important. But a confusing system that the less educated poor people do not and cannot understand, and even most well-educated parents do not understand, was not necessary. Learning more of the high school subjects was necessary, but we did not do anything about that. Yet changes like that cost millions! Why do it? You will laugh, but unfortunately we do more "knowledge modification" on the population as a science today than we did 20 years ago. Suppose education, or any other political subject is in trouble. The current players cannot solve it without an admission. In that case, they confuse the public, because people in politics and education are afraid to ask questions for fear of appearing stupid. Disinformation theory became very important during WWII in Germany. Large Advertising Companies became masters at it. Their job is to build a very positive image for products, ideas, religions. OR DO THE OPPOSITE MASTERFULLY, TRUE OR NOT. We need the education to see the real truth. But our public education became slowly worse after decades. We became much slower than other countries to bring the high school curricula to the latest technological level that employers used. Worse than that, we became lax in achieving the right level of student performance to be employable. When something declines, some of those running it, like public education, put a lot of effort into ensuring that the public believes they are better than average. The decline impacts black and Latino students the most. Some governors, to whom the state education departments report, do not seem to know what to do. Most commissioners of education they pick for their state are well-credentialed but do not know what to do, or the governor disagrees with them, and they have to resign. The teachers' unions are also strong enough with well-practiced lobbying of Congress to limit what a governor can do, and such lobbying interference needs to be eliminated by law.

Animals kill to eat. Humanity kills for anything. We dislike and kill each other for ridiculous things like a political party, religious differences, political ideals, of course, money, skin color, national origin, or any other difference we discover between ourselves and others. Any difference you can think of qualifies. We started the Vietnam War, based on an untrue story that President Johnson later admitted, for a silly idea called Domino Theory. We lost 58,000 young people, and seriously damaged 3-4 times as many. And it cost us Trillions. We human beings are very good at killing each other under hate crimes for untrue, manufactured reasons. So what is the cure, because this will lead to self-destruction. The cure is a constantly improving education system to a level that we are far away from today, because that is the only way we can increase our knowledge to make better decisions TO SURVIVE AND AVOID SELF DESTRUCTION. So what did we do in all our wisdom? We are destroying the survival of the poor and average, less fortunate people by making them unemployable with the worst education system that we can create at the highest cost. We, church-going people, do that as soon as we leave the church behind us every Sunday. We do not see the good in each other I am sorry to say. We cannot forgive others who made a mistake. We would love to be forgiven, but we do not want to look bad to others. We are willing to kill those who make us look bad for "good" reason. It would be helpful if we thought about this seriously and considered learning and changing to become much better. AND THAT STARTS WITH BETTER EDUCATION THAT IS COMPETITIVE INTERNATIONALLY.

Education has national importance. Our future depends everywhere on how well our children are educated today. If there are differences in standards within a country and they are low standards, how can that country improve? Good performance comes only with high standards, monthly measurable objectives, and an operating plan by month for the fiscal year for teachers, supervisors, and managers that require and can help a stretch in effort. People rise to high expectations under a good manager and do well. But people ignore low expectations, and because of inattention, they miss such low objectives.

Look at the ACT scores of a school district in Tennessee, the scores of the state of Tennessee, and the average ACT scores for the USA over 20 years. Our 20-year ACT chart shows flat performance, likely much longer, without improvement. The average student results are in an average ACT area of 19-21, representing 53-58% of high school subject knowledge. That is far from enough.

Think about what kind of elected leadership talks about wanting to fix education when running for office. But does nothing about raising the ACT scores when elected, and accepts such poor results, and does nothing about it. We have too many such superintendents in public education. We had even cases when a new superintendent whose job experience was not a good fit, did a poor job, but for his first three years, we celebrated his presence with awards to him for nothing, public celebrations, and the newspapers calling him a MIRACLE MAKER when there was not a single good result that he created. This kind of hiring damages thousands of children's lives and will damage the country if it happens often. IT HAPPENED VERY OFTEN. THERE ARE SCHOOL DISTRICTS WHO COULD NEVER HIRE THE RIGHT SUPERINTENDENT. No doubt, such lack of proper education and experience, not just can, but will cause great damage to the country.

Why is it that our public education employees purposefully avoid visiting high performing US and international school systems, to learn. Then compare it to poor performing states in the USA, that targeted only very low performance. THE GOVERNORS AND THEIR APPOINTED COMMISSIONERS OF EDUCATION DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT CORRECTING THE BEHAVIORS THAT CREATE THE LOW PERFORMANCE.

Regretfully, our first conclusion has to be that our public education's performance has been very poor for twenty years, AND most likely longer.

1. Public education's biggest mistake is focusing on two "objectives" that do not work. ACT 21 average and 90% graduation rate are the goals.

Achieving an ACT 21 average results is too low and cannot motivate. A "90% graduation rate" is an invitation to cheat. And cheating they do under the "cut scores" name, where one or more subjects pass/fail points are dropped from 60% good answers to as much as 30%, graduating many children who would otherwise fail. Both are damaging to our children's and nation's education, but especially those in our fast growing poverty, understand only that "little Johnny graduated and now he can get a job." Any such action is taking advantage of less education and comprehension in the poor population, punishing children of poverty to be unemployed, when the real solution to poverty is education to become employable. Unfortunately similar methods used, with poor performance in boring classes. It must have been created by very smart education and political leadership who are following a directive to destroy us as a country. When you look at all the mistakes that have been very cleverly and slowly done so that they go unnoticed, and if you attended the War College of our military, you will recognize a few very well developed long term strategies to do just that.

We had an ACT 21 objective in Tennessee for close to twenty years and we were about 5% under it every time. Why can't people achieve an objective that is only 5% higher in a poor SCORE area that represents less than 60% subject knowledge? They cannot REACH IT because they do not change the way they focus at work based on the right annual and monthly objectives. The schools never had any objectives and related monthly operating plans, and having them will make a huge difference in performance. Our PEOPLE ARE NOT FOCUSED. Teacher PERSONALITY qualification measurement before their training does not exist, teacher training is too weak compared to the teacher candidates' and employers'expectation, and management know-how is an unknown in education. THE HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM IS TOO WEAK IN MATH AND SCIENCE. WHAT IS MOST INTERESTING IS THAT WE NEVER OPERATED THE SCHOOLS, AND THEY PRODUCE THE RESULTS, UNDER MANAGEMENT TOOLS THAT COULD DELIVER FAR BETTER RESULTS! Politicians never had to learn how to interview a candidate who is selling himself or herself. Hence, they build a fast, unwieldy organization that is not trained, managed AND performs well. Otherwise we would be averaging close to 29 ACT (same as 80% ACT Readiness) where we should be.

I attended 29 classes in high school math and science. No governor or commissioner of education has ever done even half that. Especially before they were known to the public. The word I heard students using most often after every single class I attended was "boring." I can tell you this: all 29 that I attended were boring. There is no adult or child that will develop interest in any subject whose presentation is boring in the first course of the subject. But the teacher is not responsible for it. They were accepted into training as is. The damage is that a young student can be completely turned off about his/her first class about a subject for life, when that subject may be the best fit for him/her for life. When you do not change the way you work and do not use the management tools properly, the results cannot improve. So after a few years the thinking is that we cannot possibly do better. They are right. They cannot do better without changing the way they think and work. People are not motivated by low objectives like an average ACT 21 score is. People rise to high expectations! Hence the ten percent growth on ACT's prior result being far from impossible. Just look at the ACT chart covering 20 years. Both of these performance measurements were and are not successful. The results are not good. ACT 21 average score represents less than 25% ACT Readiness that is a very low standard. We will explain this below. Too low for motivation for the technological acceleration that starts with ARTIFICIAL-INTELLIGENCE-based Cognitive Robotics, Nanotechnology and Space Science in 2023 and keeps accelerating in the future with major changes. Employers need the changing technologies to be competitive. There have been many meetings between governors and major employers about updating the curricula because the state education systems are not doing it. Our public education is already behind because of the low ACT 21 objective. MOST STATES TOTALLY IGNORE THE ACT OBJECTIVE and in the lower performing states like Tennessee 84% of the high school graduates are not meeting either ACT 21 as a standard or ACT Readiness, a standard that is about the same as an ACT 21 score. We need an ACT objective TO BE COMPETITIVE and that means 80% ACT READINESS , and that is achieved at ACT score 29. THAT IS WHAT EMPLOYERS NEED. THAT IS WHAT CHILDREN WHO GRADUATE TODAY NEED WHO WANT TO BE EMPLOYABLE FOR FIVE YEARS OR MORE. That is what the top international performers achieve at minimum. Things have changed out there, and are moving much faster than we think. But public education did not and does not. Public education refuses to go where employers need them. Public education refuses to change to become competitive in curriculum and knowledge with the graduates of the best three nations in education. Public education does tell us that they are the best. On our planet they are on the bottom of the industrialized nations in mathematics. But they spend the most money per child. It appears that governors have not been able to improve them. It takes a small amount of courage only to do the right thing. Our leaders just do not have it any more. It appears that public education needs to report to a group of senior retired vice presidents of employers. More than twenty years of evidence shows that the way they are managed is not producing the right results.

As we mentioned above, ACT 21 is a low score, and such a child would not be employable unless he has a native professional talent for example in music, that by itself would guarantee his employment. I would like to mention also that low objectives do not produce good results. People do not pay attention to them. It is too easy to slip back to old work-habits. But objectives that are a healthy stretch, like 10% higher than the prior year's actual result for a state like Tennessee, can do magic. The average ACT score was only 19.4 in 2020. People tend to produce good results because people rise to high expectations.

An objective is a quantifiable academic achievement, the ACT or SAT score itself, depending on what your state uses, that cannot be changed by the state education system directly or indirectly. But something can be treated exactly like an objective, but the organization may not name it as an objective. For legal reasons demand the right score with the right name which is "objective." In poorly performing organizations, one can find many silly games to avoid responsibility. One has to be very clear and very firm, and fair. An objective must be a measurable key indicator of success or failure, and the number associated with an objective will always represent not failure but higher than past performance.

EDUCATION MUST SATISFY WHAT EMPLOYERS NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL. EMPLOYERS COMPETE WORLDWIDE. THAT MEANS THAT OUR EDUCATION RESULT, A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE MUST BE AS WELL PREPARED AS THE AVERAGE GRADUATE OF THE TOP THREE NATIONS IN EDUCATION. THEY ARE PERFORMING BETWEEN THE EQUIVALENT AVERAGE ACT 29 AND 34. NOT STRUGGLING UNDER AVERAGE ACT 20 LIKE WE DO! An objective has to be a measurement that cannot be falsified or altered by an education organization that shows better results or grades because the pass/fail point in one or more subjects during a test was lowered to show better results. Some states use this method and it is called "cut scores" applied to their state tests, that is fully accessible for any change by the state's department of education. If they did not, they could do that. The state test scores, like any annual test, are presented at the end of the school year. That puts enormous pressure on the teachers to pass and graduate as many children as possible who would otherwise fail. But today's children need higher performance to be employable in an advanced mathematics and science-dominated future. Artificial intelligence-based cognitive robotics will start replacing in 2023-2024 most of today's college-educated jobs. For these reasons any academic objective for high schools should be based only on the ACT or SAT tests, whichever the state uses.

The purpose of objectives is to focus all school employees on the jobs to be done well in order to achieve the organization's objective. An annual objective works well in an organization that has performed well for several years. However, it is not enough for a poorly performing organization, LIKE PUBLIC EDUCATION. If a state wants improving results that PRODUCE EMPLOYABLE CHILDREN, it must have an ACT or SAT score annual objective, and it MUST BE 10% higher than the actual ACT or SAT result was for the prior year. But in addition, because of low performance for decades, there must also be a monthly Grade Point Average, or GPA objective TO REINFORCE THE CHANGE, but measured year-to-date monthly and at year end. the GPA monthly objective should be running 10% higher than it did the previous year, if it was present then, to match with the ACT objective at year end.

Monthly and annual objectives as well as a goal need to be measurable key indicators of success or failure. A goal when used to achieve a long-term target also needs to be achieved or exceeded typically WITHIN 5 years. Its purpose is to take the necessary steps every year between the objective and the goal to exceed both.

The ACT scores have not been improving because the people at every level in our education system keep doing everything the same way as decades ago. NOTHING IMPROVES WITHOUT CHANGING THE WAY EVERYONE IS FOCUSED AND THE WAY THEY WORK. ONE NEEDS MONTHLY AND ANNUAL OBJECTIVES AND AN ANNUAL OPERATING PLAN ON ALL MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISORS AND TEACHERS. THE MANAGEMENT METHOD, CALLED MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES WORKS VERY WELL FOR RECOVERY OR HIGH GROWTH, BUT ONLY IF FOLLOWED PRECISELY AS DESCRIBED. The results were poor because there was no management action in a systematic way every week and month to achieve it. That means no gathering of the needed facts, no realization that education must track new technologies as they are used by employers, no survey of what employers' needs were, and who the education competition was, and how they were performing compared to us. Some gathered data changed to make us look better - which we do to this day and lie to the public - and exactly what we have to do to make our education competitive. THIS IS JUST A START, AND WE CANNOT EVEN DO THIS MUCH TODAY WITHOUT LYING TO OURSELVES. THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR MAKES PLANNING IMPOSSIBLE AND THAT IN TURN MAKES EVERYTHING IN SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS POORLY EXECUTED AND HARMFUL TO US. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A POORLY PREPARED EDUCATION PLAN IS DOING TO US AS A COUNTRY TO THIS DAY TO VARYING DEGREES, WITH A FEW HIGHER PERFORMING STATES, AND THE MAJORITY OF STATES DOING A VERY GOOD JOB TO DESTROY US AS A COUNTRY ECONOMICALLY.

NEVER FORGET THAT THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON HOW WELL WE EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN. SO...HOW ARE WE DOING? I KNOW THAT WE COULD LIE ABOUT THAT BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN LYING ABOUT EDUCATION TO THE PUBLIC FOR DECADES. I, LIKE OTHERS HAD NO IDEA UNTIL I SPENT EIGHT YEARS TO INVESTIGATE PUBLIC EDUCATION . I WROTE A LETTER TO SEVERAL GOVERNORS, AND 4 TIMES TO TENNESSEE'S CURRENT GOVERNOR ABOUT THE EDUCATION PROBLEM IN 2019. HE NEVER RESPONDED TO MY QUESTIONS, AND NO ONE ELSE RESPONDED FOR HIM EITHER. He called for an urgent Tennessee congressional meeting for January 2021 to discuss our education in Tennessee. A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IS NEEDED, AND IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT THEY WILL KEEP USING THE CORRUPTED GRADUATION RATE THAT GUARANTEES UNEMPLOYMENT FOR MOST CHILDREN. What should be a huge concern of everyone in our nation is that no one else in leadership noticed these huge destructive problems IN PUBLIC EDUCATION far too long. We paid them huge salaries and blown trillions of dollars on poorly educating our children. I did my investigation in the US and other countries over an eight year period at my expense because I love our country, and I do not even get an answer from governors. Has our public education dumbed us down so much, including our leadership? I hope not, but I don't know. The most important thing in all this is not lying to ourselves and the public who pay for their children's education through taxes at one of the world's highest rates.

We are paying one of the top five highest rates worldwide per student in public education. But our public education in most states and the average for the US is one of the worst in the industrialized countries. For example we are 37th in mathematics. That kind of performance is not good enough for employment after 2023 because of the new technologies coming in 2023 will replace even most of the four-year college degreed jobs with AI-based cognitive robotics, with 24/7 production, nanometer tolerances, and significantly higher quality, and at typically less than 50% lower cost than what we are capable of doing in 2021. Our education system was degraded so much since 1970, that most people today have no idea of technological trends AND their impact on society even two months ahead, let alone a few years. Education takes years. But because of the decline of our K-12 education, these events will be a great unpleasant surprise to most of our population, but more importantly for the political and public education leadership who does not appear to have enough interest and knowledge that an important part of their job requires..

Why did the government itself chose to deliver education so poorly that more of our children will be unemployed? Many tens of millions of our workforce will become unemployed practically overnight because of the poor education that they received? Education at all levels as well as political operations and management are generally dominated by employees who did not come from a large company's management structure with a thousand employees or more, but from small organizations where they supervised less than 100 people. The method of management I am describing to you, works very well, but it must be followed exactly as I am describing the definitions and steps right here. The public education organization is like a large organization that needs large organization management training and EXPERIENCE. The problem is that most people think that a successful manager is created by promoting a good employee to a management position.

But without management training, the large education organization performs badly, because its leaders do not recognize the importance of management science know-how, and such people cannot recognize management problems, and cannot solve what they cannot recognize. That makes general management training very important in education organizations. If one does not have it, that person will not improve anything, exactly for lack of management training and experience. And please do not have such training be organized by the education department of a university. Such program needs to be organized and conducted by the graduate school of management at a university. The education organizations use management terms, but they ignore the precise definitions that makes them work.

Measuring performance in the schools, such as GPA per class and per teacher, per principal and per school, per district and per superintendent, is vitally important. That is the only indicator that shows specifically what areas are doing well, and/or need help AND EXACTLY WHERE. We did not measure the results of public education's "operating units" or schools in education in the past down to the level where the actual education happens, and that needs urgent remedy. One does not know enough to see what actions are needed to fix the most important performance problem unless you know the teachers' performance level and STUDENTS in every class. Four one-hour observations of a teacher do nothing for you. You as a manager need to know all that in detail TO FIND OUT HOW TO HELP THE TEACHER IMPROVE. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION HERE IS "TO HELP THE TEACHER TO BECOME BETTER, AND TO ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS BY WORKING SMARTER, MORE EFFECTIVELY. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY MANAGER. IF EITHER ANY MANAGER OR TEACHER ABUSES THEIR OWN POSITION, e.g., USING SEXUAL HARASSMENT THAT COULD BE PRESENT BOTH ON THE MANAGER'S OR EMPLOYEE'S SIDE, YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE FIRED. Anyone can disagree with me. But how can anyone disagree with twenty years of ACT results being poor and the fact that public education like we had is far from good enough for our children's employability and for our nation's success? I do not believe that any of us would want that. WE NEED URGENT ACTIONS TO SOLVE SUCH PROBLEMS PROBLEM.

The monthly (GPA) and annual (ACT) objectives that I describe are necessary to allow all supervisors and managers to focus on meeting a monthly objective using the GPA increase over the previous year, AND to achieve a badly needed ACT evidence to improve urgently. We need monthly focus to deliver an annual objective ESPECIALLY IN ORGANIZATIONS THAT PERFORMED POORLY FOR YEARS. OBVIOUSLY, A LONG POORLY PERFORMING ORGANIZATION WILL NOT WANT TO BE MEASURED BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER WORKED UNDER MANAGEMENT THAT KNEW HOW TO DELIVER GOOD PERFORMANCE. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THEY ALL WORKED HARD, BUT NOT FOCUSED IN A SPECIFIC WAY TOWARD THE SAME GOAL. IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE THAT NEVER WORKING IN A MANAGEMENT FOCUSED WAY, THEY DO NOT SEE THE VALUE OF MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES. AFTER USING THE NEW METHOD EXACTLY FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS, THE RESULTS WILL BE SURPRISING AND GOOD. Unfortunately, that is what we do. When I look at how public education in a state plans the coming school year, a massive set of instructions go out to the school districts to find out what they can do. Many hundreds of people get involved filling out forms based on what they have done, and their judgment is limited by past experiences and impossibility thinking ABOUT MUCH HIGHER PERFORMANCE. No one wants to fail. This is a conditioned human reaction after five years of producing poor results, let alone after twenty years or more. The confidence levels are low. UNFORTUNATELY, SUCH PEOPLE FEAR DOING ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY DO NOT EVEN WANT TO VISIT THE HIGHEST PERFORMING COUNTRIES IN EDUCATION TO LEARN WHY THEY CAN DO MUCH BETTER.

There is a Buddhist saying that is very true: "The mind is everything. What you think, you become." Part of that is the fact that what you think is improved ONLY by what you learn both in school and in life. IN THIS CASE, IMPOSSIBILITY THINKING IS DRIVING SUCH PEOPLE NOT TO LEARN FROM OTHERS. REMEMBER THAT THE TEACHERS AND PRINCIPALS DID NOT CREATE THAT THINKING. IT WAS THEIR POOR TRAINING, THE LACK OF GOOD, WELL TRAINED MANAGEMENT, AND AN UNTRAINED ELECTED LOCAL MANAGEMENT PUT THEM INTO A BUBBLE THAT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO SURVIVE. What I described to this point about PLANNING is a bottom-up approach, and people may or may not agree with it, but let's assume that it is true. Or read it right here. To plan future performance, one needs precise historical numbers, one needs to know where the top 2-3 competitors stand compared to you and what methods they are using, to decide what areas one has to improve what changes in results a well-executed operating plan will bring. You need impeccable logic and know-how, and no guessing. That way one can correct a problem that shows in most months, to meet the annual objective. Education management has an unusually high number of Master's and Ph.D. degrees in education. However, teacher training at all levels became weaker and weaker with time. But very strangely, other degree programs did not decline at the universities. High performing countries in education select potential teachers based on how good their personality matches teaching, and they are hired from the top 30% of Master's degree graduates. A few countries where teacher performance and reputation is the highest, hire potential teachers from the top 10% of Master's programs in the subject that they would teach. IN ALL COUNTRIES, THE good teacher reputation rose 2-3 years after the excellent results were created. Our teachers are not trained well. They went into teaching with good intent trusting the training and certification. Look at the teacher turnover! And then put 2+2 together. And you get the wrong number! And then you quote the high satisfaction survey ratings, and no one tells you that multiple-choice satisfaction surveys do not work in a place that has average or bad morale. THE HIGH TURNOVER OF TEACHERS HOWEVER IS ALWAYS A HIGH INDICATOR OF BAD MORALE.

The conclusion is that the 90% graduation rate "objective" is simply a method that gives the false appearance to the public of graduating fully qualified students based on the state test. The Department of Education of a state can modify to lower the test's passing point on one or more subjects, and can select such subject(s) for "dumbing down" annually. Any test that the state education employees can modify can falsify children's testing results and not indicate educational achievement in public education to anyone. On the other hand, the ACT score cannot be changed by the public education system in any state, it has never been dumbed down to produce higher scores, and it would be the appropriate indicator of what children learned from grade one to twelve. WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THAT THE GRADUATION RATE NOT BE USED FOR ANY PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT IF IT USES THE STATE TEST RESULTS FOR DECISION MAKING. IN SIMPLE ENGLISH, STOP USING THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATE FOR AWARDING DIPLOMAS WHEN ANY GRADUATING STUDENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL HAVE NOT EVEN MATCHED ACT READINESS, WHICH IS A VERY LOW-PERFORMANCE MEASURE. 80% OF THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES IN SOME STATES LIKE TENNESSEE ARE NOT EVEN ACT READY. SUCH CHILDREN ARE NOT GOING TO BE EMPLOYABLE LONGER THAN A HANDFUL OF YEARS AT MINIMUM WAGE. IT IS A TRAVESTY TO HAVE SUCH POORLY QUALIFIED HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES FOR THE MONEY THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR OUR HARD-EARNED TAXES. Not a single child should be graduated who is not even ACT Ready.

Our public education's performance has been very poor for twenty years, AND most likely they will not change. Management by Objectives is the right method to raise organizational performance. We use some of the correct names in this area, but we seem to assign the wrong meaning to them, as if we did not know what objectives, operating plans, goals and other components of this method could or could not be used. Please read what we have under management.

2. Teacher personality matching to the teaching profession, teacher training at US universities is at least a 100 year old method, and management training for principals, superintendents and it is likely that it also does not exist within state education departments or among governors.

Very unfortunately, the world of US education is dead against any psychological testing to determine if a candidate for teaching is well matched to the teaching profession. They are wrong. The military has been doing it successfully for many decades. A company where I worked was doing it and it was a great place to work. It may not matter in the very low labor-intensive jobs, but I experienced how successful it was on the professional side. Teaching is a very unique position that requires a person with very specific characteristics. In our opinion not every person has the right personality to become a good teacher. How could testing them for the right personality profile be a negative thing? What is more important? Getting a person admitted to a teachers' college because he/she is screaming bloody murder that she wants it, when he/she is the wrong PERSONALITY TYPE FOR IT, or is it more important to find the right type of person who would make an excellent teacher? The children getting a much better education is the most important. That makes the right personality type getting into teaching very important.

Education management would tell me that a mandatory part of graduation from a teacher college is the 6-month or so teaching experience that the student-teacher must pass. A student-teacher is under both school and parental pressure to pass that practical teaching experience. However, the teacher's job will be different. A lot of pressure will come with the real teaching job when the novelty of the job wears off, that the teaching experience in school will not have. The practical short teaching experience is not the same as a psychological test that determines how good a teacher candidate will fit the teaching vocation. Some people will graduate from a teachers' university and will leave teaching within a few years. The actual teaching experience that tells how a new teacher fits teaching takes 6-15 years of experience to find out. That is the most valuable experience that the education industry will lose, after all the money is spent if the psychological match to the teaching profession was not done. People are always the best in a job that they really enjoy. That's what a candidate or the school can find out up front for $100-200. Money well spent because the turnover costs at least the annual salary of a teacher. I would hope that senior management in teaching understands this difference.

The documentation of public education describes such testing as nonsense and compares such vocation matching psychological tests to a pseudoscience from the late 1700s called phrenology, where they determined the psychological make-up of a person by the location and size of the bumps on one's head. US EDUCATION HAS A VERY PUBLIC NEGATIVE OPINION OF ANYTHING THAT IS BETTER THAN THEY ARE. ACCORDING TO THEM, THE OECD PISA INTERNATIONAL TESTS ARE FAKE TESTS BECAUSE WE ARE 37TH IN MATHEMATICS. This is an incorrect conclusion based on a pseudo-scientific comparison that one would not expect to hear from education management. SUPPOSE ONE CANNOT GET HONEST ASSESSMENT FROM ANYONE WHO SHOWS YOU NOT THE BEST AS OTHERS CLAIM. In that case, YOU ARE DEALING WITH DISHONEST PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CAPABLE OF CREATING ANYTHING GOOD AND COMPETITIVE THAT ONE CAN TRUST. THAT IS WHAT OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION BECAME BECAUSE OUR POLITICAL AND EDUCATION LEADERSHIP DID NOT KNOW HOW TO IMPROVE PUBLIC EDUCATION. AND THEY KNOW AND PRACTICE LENIN'S SLOGAN BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

We found many things that appear to be inappropriate practices in most states' public education. I believe that our public education is not good enough for our country and we are detailing that on this website. I am just one person. Public education is millions of people wasting a huge part of Trillions of dollars of OUR TAXES every year. Are they doing a good enough job? Many of us feel that they are not for the reasons stated here. THE EASY JOBS ROBOTICS WILL DO BETTER THAN A HUMAN BEING, FOR A LOT LESS MONEY, IF THE JOB INVOLVES ANY DEGREE OF REPETITION. Public Education generally attacks everyone who disagrees, instead of learning and changing to become better. Unfortunately there are many employers who feel that public education is doing a poor job for one of the highest amounts paid per student WITH OUR HARD-EARNED TAXES. WE DESERVE MUCH BETTER EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN FOR THE MONEY WE PAY.

I found out that teaching is a unique position that requires prescreening to ensure that we get the right capabilities and personality profile into teacher training. Please listen to what I found. Part of our poor education, AND IT IS POOR, is due to ignoring things that are critical to success.


Our teachers are nowhere near that. And that is the people's fault who approved the teacher training curriculum and the rigor of certification. The teaching profession is not one that anyone could do well. It requires a very specific psychological profile to do well as a teacher. Two tests correlated that do this well for any profession are the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Intelligence Inventory.

The teachers are treated worse than a factory worker. Management training is absent in education organizations and that is the big problem creating it. Teachers who qualify like above described, are very valuable people. They are not looking for and complain about money. They love what they create with children. Those that can produce better results in students, should get better pay. That is why it is necessary to measure the performance of each class for GPA, but it must be coupled with very serious penalties for cheating until the test can be provided and scored securely by a third party. The good teachers love teaching and want to become better all the time, and would not disagree with the recommendations herein. Management needs to treat them professionally and help them to become better.

TEACHERS' UNIONS: complain and defend themselves instead of correcting the problems for the teachers and the population that their poorly performing schools create. They have an image problem because they take the school's side whose poor performance is hurting the public schools as well as the unions associated with the schools. We searched for the goals or objectives of teacher unions on the internet, but found nothing that was clearly stated as such. We would think that a teachers' union would ensure that teacher candidates are tested for personality match to the teaching profession and would make sure that teachers get the right education, and deliver far better student results. Unfortunately they just act as if the teachers' training and certification were excellent in every way. That means that the teachers' union does not want better teacher training and better certification. The unions can change and COULD make sure that the right candidates get into teacher training. GOOD TEACHERS should make more money. Approving higher salaries for teachers is an impossibility. But approving an incentive program that is activated with a higher GPA in a teacher's class and ACT achievement would be difficult to argue against.

The great majority of our public schools are doing a very poor job. We are the lowest performer within the industrialized countries. We are paying per student one of the highest rates per student with our hard-earned tax dollars. Salaries depend on "supply and demand" and the quality of the job done. Our employers have been meeting with governors about the poor quality of our K-12 high school graduates for the past 15 years, without any action to raise ACT scores that measure what our children learned from grade one to twelve. NOTHING CHANGED! Public education is delivering poor results for what they are paid per student, and they do not treat the teachers well as they should. AND THEIR EXPENSES AND SALARIES ARE GUARANTEED BY LAW, REGARDLESS OF THE RESULTS! WHY IS IT THAT OUR POLITICAL LEADERS OF BOTH PARTIES HAVE DONE NOTHING TO IMPROVE THE ACT SCORES?! What is scaring them? We recommend that you wear DEPENDS if scared and do an excellent job. Charge it to the school board.

These are hardly the conditions for bringing up the desire for increasing salaries. But not unexpected from people in high positions in politics and education who did not give any thought to fixing education. THE QUESTION IS: IS A SYSTEMATIC DOWNGRADING OF PUBLIC EDUCATION WORTH ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATES WE PAY PER CHILD IN THE WORLD, FOR PROVIDING THEM WITH THE WORST EDUCATION IN THE INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES?

PUBLIC EDUCATION COMPLAINS AND DEFENDS ITSELF INSTEAD OF CORRECTING THE PROBLEMS FOR THE TEACHERS AND THE POPULATION THAT THEIR POORLY PERFORMING SCHOOLS CREATE. We searched for the goals or objectives of teacher unions on the Internet, but found nothing that was clearly stated as such. We would think that a teachers' union would ensure that teacher candidates are tested for personality match to the teaching profession and would make sure that teachers get the right education, and deliver far better student results. Unfortunately they just act as if the teachers' training and certification were excellent in every way. That means that the teachers' union does not want better teacher training and better certification. Most importantly, our public education must stand for having well-educated teachers and management who will raise our public high school graduates to become not lower than fifth in any subject measurement by the OECD PISA tests by 2025. I would also suggest that our public education management and any of their associated publications refrain from degrading the performance of any other education organization and their testing results, foreign or domestic. In addition to its poor results, while we pay them the highest rates per student in the world, we demand 10% per annum improvement in ACT and SAT test results, and having experienced the poor ACT results of the past twenty years, we must prepare other ways and channels to better educate our children than our public education provided. It is always a big source of problems if we support monopolistic operations like US public education is at this point. We need other higher-performing education organizations, with the freedom of transferring at parental request an amount equal to public school spending per student to any other public school, or charter school or private school in the USA or in Canada if the child has been accepted. Charter schools could be a good alternative, if they are national curriculum focused, with mathematics up to Calculus and for both chemistry and physics also included for a diploma and if 90% performance is achieved in both reading and basic mathematics. The charter school charters must include such changes.

Many nations went through a poor teaching period between WWI and WWII. Many corrected it. A few of our schools did as well. A few, because our philosophy is that "locally elected school boards know the best what schools should teach and how." Do you know how old this idea is?! It was this way since the late 1800s, in a purely agricultural economy, where the local farmers knew very well what the children had to learn to do an excellent job on the farms. It was perfect for the period up to the early 1900s. THE EDUCATION COMMUNITY FIGHTS FOR THE SAME LOCALLY ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD IDEA WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE LOCALLY ELECTED BOARD DOES NOT HAVE THE EXPERTISE TO HELP MAKE OUR SCHOOLS COMPETITIVE IN TODAY'S WORLD. THIS FACT BY ITSELF SHOWS THAT TODAY'S POLITICAL AND EDUCATION LEADERSHIP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE COUNTRY AND WHAT PEOPLE WANT. ACTIONS AND LACK THEREOF IN SOME AREAS MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR. They don't even realize that we went from the horse and buggy to the moon, went from local agriculture to international sales in more than a thousand different industries, with huge technological changes during the last 120 years. Today's school board requires much more knowledge, especially as a majority, to make changes to solve the problems we have in public education. Many things delegated to locally elected school boards need to be made nationally on the highest level. Examples are the school curriculum, teacher training curriculum, teacher certification, high school graduation requirements, hiring superintendents, managing superintendents. Also, continuing education for teachers since we are advancing faster in many technologies, better teaching tools, and how to make every class an exciting experience for the children instead of boring. Sit in on school board meetings and see how much time board members spend on improving our children's poor education. Do they make any good changes that increase the ACT scores? The locally elected school board members do not know some vital solutions they are trying to make and do not have time to learn.

Our success depends on how good our workforces are in every industry compared to the top three countries in education. AND THAT DEPENDS ON HOW WELL EDUCATED OUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ARE. I am afraid that we are doing very poorly. The ACT scores in the chart we have here show how much our children are learning from grade one to twelve in our public schools and how poor the results were since the year 2000 and most likely longer. Look at the ACT chart below, showing no improvement for 20 years. In a world where technologies are advancing, we have been falling behind other countries. Such is the price one pays for bad leadership.

It is vital to have the correct monthly GPA objectives (measured year to date) in every single school. The GPA year to date monthly objective is 10% higher each month than it was in the corresponding month prior year, with a monthly operating plan for any teacher or manager in every single school. YOUR RESULTS IN THE SCHOOLS ARE BAD BECAUSE THEY REQUIRE AN OBJECTIVE BUT NOT A CORRECT ONE THAT FOCUSES THE PEOPLE ON WHAT MUST BE DONE. Not having the right measurable objective is a guarantee for failure. IMPROVEMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE EVEN WITH MAJOR CHANGES. Please look at the ACT performance chart FOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS. IT IS A VERY POOR RECORD. WITH THE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES COMING IN 2023-2024 in AI-ASSISTED COGNITIVE ROBOTICS, NANOTECHNOLOGY, AND SPACE SCIENCE, MOST OF OUR CHILDREN WILL BECOME UNEMPLOYABLE. THE FUTURE SUCCESS OR FAILURE OF OUR NATION DEPENDS ON HOW WELL WE EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN TODAY IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THEY ARE DOING VERY POORLY.

There exists a terrible idea about what management is within education organizations. Generally, they promote the best worker into management. And he/she does not work out. Bad workers will not make a good manager. But without management training, a good worker also MAY NOT become a good manager of people. An MBA provides a very general introduction to management that is not enough. Some universities offer a very busy two-week post-MBA Advanced Management Program. That is the best program to learn to solve management problems. It is a role-playing of management problems that one has to solve under pressure. Two professors from the graduate school of management and a clinical psychologist supervise 14 hours per day, six days per week. Management problems start developing in organizations if a manager has about 50 employees working for him. Management problems become more sophisticated as the number of employees increase. One major problem public schools have is a lack of such management training for principals and superintendents, contributing to poor results and teachers' high turnover. Management training rarely exists in our public education for principals and superintendents, which accounts for most of our problems today. The curriculum is weak. High school graduates need a lot more than just Algebra in Mathematics and one Science, Biology. I hope that we will make the governors and public education management people think so that they become much better problem solvers. Any organization with poor results can only improve if the organization recognizes its real problems openly to the public and plans well with proper objectives and operating plans. We have done none of that in public education while paying the most in the world per student. No one in the political leadership decided to solve the problem. The poor performance continued for decades. This inaction damaged us. We have been harming the majority of the public. It must be corrected. How can those who caused the damage claim innocence and claim today that they had nothing to do with it? How can they claim that as politicians, they acted in the interest of the people when they were party to damaging the country very seriously from within?

Focus everyone on what they have to accomplish every month. All people who supervise and lead others, especially teachers, must see their results together with their managers to see exactly how they could improve what they are doing. It needs to be an open team discussion about what could work better. That is how one can find the best idea when multiple solutions exist. Not wild, unproven ideas. So look for proven ideas that work. Hostile feelings and hurt egos have no place here. No one is perfect. But the senior person is more experienced. An objective is the measurable MONTHLY key indicator of success or failure under every manager, supervisor, principal, and, most importantly, every single teacher in every single school. For low performing schools like ours, the objective has to be 10% higher than the previous year's actual achievement during the same month. People do not respond to low objectives well. Especially if the objective is annual and not challenging, they just keep working the same way as before with the same results. However, people respond to the challenge of an objective that is a stretch and not easy. In a poorly performing area like education, one must have monthly measurable objectives, but the group's manager must check how his/her team members are doing at least weekly, and the performance reporting must be automated to limit any manual work and focus people and their time on preparation and work to achieve the objectives.

A comment on management terminology that needs to be clear. The word "objective" applies only to the current OR coming fiscal year, with a specific, measurable key indicator of success or failure, like an ACT score that is ten percent higher than the prior year's actual ACT score, supported by a monthly YEAR-TO-DATE GPA (Grade Point Average). You must have such a target to achieve monthly to focus all employees in poorly performing organizations. A "goal" on the other hand, is a target that one would like to achieve during a longer period, like five years. Things can happen during those five years that could change the goal.


THE CHILDREN ARE IN SCHOOL TO BE EMPLOYABLE WHEN THEY GRADUATE, AND 75-84% TODAY ARE NOT EMPLOYABLE. Unfortunately, building up the graduation's and diploma's image in the public eye is useless and harmful if the child cannot get a job. Why did the education system create such problems? Most are misleading the public, while the public schools do not teach most children enough so that our children become JOBLESS! Add to this a few 150-year-old management problems that worked well during the 1800s, but not after WWII. And we make the public's hard-earned tax dollars pay for it at the highest amount per student in the world. I think that for some reason, our political leaders have done nothing. They ARE smart people. If so, then they have a morbid fear of something, and we must find out what and remove it.

In addition to the objectives as described, for every individual identified for objectives, there must be an "operating plan" that lists the objectives, and the tools/material/training they need to achieve their objectives per month, so that both the resources and the results are in the budget, preferably a zero-based budget that was developed as part of planning.

We need to buy an open-ended multiuser database system that is an education management system that can be very useful nationally to eliminate teacher paperwork or minimize it to 10% of current load, and to keep principals and superintendents informed about the public school districts' progress for which they are responsible. With high enough security, automatic tests that are secured can add other management functions to it later. This would cost much less than 10% of the amount of money we waste with overstaffing 14,000 school districts' central management and loading teachers with paperwork.

In correcting problems of this magnitude, one has to act firmly and quickly. We are a bit late to this party. There will be big job losses and civil disorder problems, but not as big as we will have if we keep ignoring it further. Our governors and state departments of education ignore several important things. The technological developments fuel our industries successfully ONLY if they have well-trained workforces. That means that:

Please keep in mind that everything is happening faster and the speed of change will increase. The human brain will be enabled to cope with the speed and information content quite easily. Public education ignored this fact too long. Education must learn to adapt to new technologies faster, or education jobs will disappear faster like many other jobs. AI-driven cognitive robotics will allow the robot itself to diagnose the student's psychological profile, and match the teaching style perfectly to the individual student's natural talents, resulting in much faster learning, much easier than today's learning. For the robotic teacher, learning will be not 4-8 semesters, but a few minutes of download. For the robotic teacher, up-to-date Ph.D. level knowledge will be available in ANY NUMBER OF SUBJECTS OR FIELD OF STUDIES. Such capabilities will be available by 2030.

It is vitally important to have a continuing education program for teachers, especially if they are teaching mathematics, sciences or economics to educate our children much better to improve our workforces. We fell seriously behind other countries in these areas. I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND DECISION MAKERS THAT THE ACCEPTANCE OF ARGUMENTS FROM A GROUP THAT DEMONSTRATED BAD DECISIONS AND LACK OF UNDERSTANDING ABOUT DOING A GOOD JOB FOR 20 YEARS, DOES NOT EARN ANY POSITION TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY FUTURE DECISION MAKING. THAT MEANS ANYONE WHO HAD A MANAGEMENT POSITION IN PUBLIC EDUCATION UNLESS THERE IS EVIDENCE THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OR PROBLEMS THAT WE RAISED IN THIS WEBSITE. RECOVERY IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH WITHOUT GIVING SUPPORT TO THOSE WHO PRODUCED FAILURES WITH OUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION. I KNOW THAT I AM ONLY RECOMMENDING. Excellent K-12 education is essential for any industry's workforce to create products and services that are internationally competitive. Employers need new technologies to become more competitive internationally. And they need high school graduates like those educated in the top three nations in public education. Unfortunately, our public education claims to be the best globally, and they are far from it. The employees within school districts cannot and should not be blamed. The blame is squarely on the shoulders of governors and departments of education in every state because THEY SET THE STANDARDS FOR THE STATE, and they created bad morale within every school district that resulted in a very high teacher-turnover in the USA. Employee turnover is a very expensive thing. It typically costs a little more than the employee's annual compensation in any organization. That is another reason why matching a potential employee psychologically to a job is a smart thing to do.

3. Our situation is immensely complicated by the "black vs. white", and "rich vs. poor" problems that we did not resolve in more than 100 years.

THINGS LIKE THE BLACK/WHITE PROBLEM fester if left unresolved. THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM IS ALSO HAVING A MUCH BETTER EDUCATION! Not a better education for black children, BUT A MUCH BETTER EDUCATION FOR ALL CHILDREN! THE PAST IS FULL OF PROMISES THAT WERE NEVER KEPT TO THIS DAY. WE WILL SHOW YOU PROMISES RIGHT NOW. YOU DECIDE! OTHER COUNTRIES CAN DO A GOOD JOB! WHY CAN'T WE?? WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO IT. BUT WE DON'T. WHY WOULD ANYONE TAKE THE HIGHEST PAYMENT IN THE WORLD AND DELIVER THE WORST JOB AMONG THE INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES IN EDUCATION, WHILE LYING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DELIVERING AS THE "BEST" RESULTS WHEN THEIR PERFORMANCE IS BAD? IT IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT THAT SHOULD PROTECT THE PUBLIC BUT THEY DON'T. Who ensures that the education system performs at the right standards, the right objectives, and the right operating plan to meet the objective? The state education departments do not maintain the needed quality. The more people know, the more they understand everything, including each other. The fewer people know, the fewer people understand each other, make mistakes, and end up destroying each other. WHAT IF THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH A GOOD ENOUGH EDUCATION? WHY DON'T THEY CREATE A MUCH BETTER EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR ALL CHILDREN? The solution is not just more money handed to the school of black children. Where I live, the school district allocates the same dollars per student in all schools, except for the two high schools with black children. THEY WERE GIVEN DOUBLE THE BUDGET PER STUDENT THAN WHAT THE OTHER SCHOOLS GET FOR TWO DECADES NOW. HOW MUCH DID THAT INCREASE THEIR PERFORMANCE? THE PERFORMANCE DID NOT IMPROVE. IT KEPT GOING DOWN., AND WE KEEP THROWING MONEY AT THE PROBLEM. THAT MEANS THAT MORE MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE, BUT HOW WELL WE TEACH IS. WE DO NOT CAPTURE THE IMAGINATION OF THE CHILDREN IN MOST PUBLIC SCHOOLS TODAY. The solution is jobs FOR ALL CHILDREN. But that requires a very good education FOR ALL CHILDREN. WHAT CHILDREN LEARN NEEDS TO FOLLOW TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES CLOSELY ENOUGH AND OUR LOW PERFORMANCE IN MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCES ARE NOT HELPFUL. We ARE ignoring public education's poor performance. Why can't minority children do much better than 90% of those who graduate with a diploma not being prepared in high school to learn any job? After listening to some people's theories on the subject, I found a charter school in New York called Success Academy Schools. They have about 40 schools, with many students being black children from poor inner-city families. They have a waiting list of 19,000 families. I visited this school. They are doing an excellent job. Their scores are better than most private schools! These children are scoring above 85%. I could not get anyone from our public schools to visit them. Our public education graduates about 3.6 million children every year. 75-80% of the graduates are not even ACT Ready. That means that those graduates' subject knowledge is way below 60%. I will explain later what ACT Readiness means. Covid-19 closed our schools, and we tried to continue the same old education method remotely. This was and is an opportunity to improve, but we are not using it as an opportunity. SOME PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE AND HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PREVENT CHANGE. WHY DO WE ALLOW SUCH A DAMAGING BEHAVIOR? THE REASONS CANNOT BE MANY. Covid-19 was and is an opportunity to improve our outdated teaching method from the 1800s. I will show you two final tests that are more than 130 years old, that at least 80% of our high school graduates could not pass today. HOW CAN WE BE SO STUPID THAT WE DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT OUR SCHOOLS WERE DOING AS MANY OTHER NATIONS PASSED US?! I KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT STUPID. I WILL TRY TO GET AN EXPLANATION ABOUT WHAT I FOUND, AND I WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY CHANGED HANDS IN THE PROCESS.

WHAT KIND OF SYSTEM ARE WE RUNNING IN EDUCATION? It is undeniable that management training and experience is missing. Universities like MIT have a remote high school program that results in an accredited diploma and is better than most states, if not all states' public schools. Let me tell you that the best teachers' and professors' lectures and tutorials are available on the Internet. Our teachers are not trained well. Even if they were trained well, the lectures of the best educators nationally would be far superior. If one makes use of them, it is much better than our schools and less expensive. But our public schools do not want to change anything, including any suggestions that come from their boss, the governor, and that raises an interesting question that I don't want to raise yet, other than we better change and do it fast. This tells you that both on the political side that controls education and those who manage state education, we do not seem to have any creativity and enough know-how or courage, or they are not given the authority to do their best.

Let me get to the bottom line. An internal enemy of the people is far more dangerous than a declared foreign enemy. When you look at the results, the lack of proper attention, no emphasis on continuing education when you have a boring classroom, and you fight the pretesting of potential teachers whose low training is already a major handicap, when since 1970, education spending skyrocketed. Still, the results went nowhere. There was not a single governor who stood up and said that "We will stop any increase in spending until the performance is heading in the right direction for three years, and only then will we discuss more spending!" We must have had more than a thousand governors since 1970, and not a single one stood up. As the last example, the long-festering black/white problem is an incredibly important opportunity for the external enemy, which designed a long-term, severe economic problem to destroy us economically by reducing the citizenry's knowledge by weakening our schools. I could tell you more. Let me just say that these kinds of things do not happen by accident.

4. Our public education is based on old practices, most of which cannot work anymore. Why does public education fight any change to improve?

High schools feed the workforce of our various industries. Our industries' workforces create and service their products. A better-educated workforce will create a higher quality product at a lower cost with better profit margins, easier to use, and higher quality. For that reason, our high school graduates must be better educated than the international competition. Instead of being better educated, our high school education fell to the bottom of the industrialized countries in mathematics, the most important subject. Public Education never takes credit for their poor performance. NEVER. I am sure that Covid-19 will be blamed by them for an even worse performance than before. Who is going to pay the price for the coming record-low performance? The people who are part of the fast-growing poverty. Those with poorly-educated single parents have no chance because they do not have and cannot have a support infrastructure at home. This was an opportunity to improve. I am sure that public education was fully funded to operate like it did more than a hundred years ago. WE ARE DELIVERING MUCH WORSE, POORLY EDUCATED WORKFORCE MEMBERS FROM OUR HIGH SCHOOLS AS A RESULT, AND OUR NATIONAL INCOME FELL FROM 12-14% TO 3-4%. OUR NATIONAL DEBT ROSE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL EVER, IN EARLY 2021 TO 30,000,000,000,000, FOR WHICH WE PAY AN ENORMOUS INTEREST, THAT WILL BE ABOUT $7,000,000,000,000, THAT WE WILL LOSE FROM OUR EARNINGS. AND THAT ALL HAPPENS BECAUSE WE DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHO THE COMPETITION IS, AND OUR STANDARDS ARE TOO LOW. THE EDUCATION ORGANIZATION SETS GOALS THAT SOUND GOOD. STILL, WHEN THE RESULTS ARE DUE, THEY NEVER MEET THE GOALS THEY SET FOR THEMSELVES, AND THEY LIE TO THE PUBLIC. If the same group of people control the standards and do the work that has to meet those standards, you have a conflict of interest, and bad performance will be the result. WHY? Because it is easier to play games with your standards than for delivering better results, and they have always taken the path that is easier in the short term. That is what we have in public education. These two functions, the education standards and the education itself, need to be independent of each other once the standards are agreed upon by both. High school graduates will end up working for employers. Employers are the customers of education. Therefore the opinion of employers nationwide is the most important in the setting of standards. Education's task is to raise current performance by executing what employers need in an excellent manner. There is a second, even more important task: Performing on the top three countries' level with the best OECD PISA results. We must achieve average ACT performance at 28 average ACT score for a first goal, with ACT Readiness of graduates at 80%. We are below ACT 21, with less than 25% ACT Readiness. THAT is a very poor result for today and the future that will worsen with the enormous technological changes in 2023. If we do not improve, almost all of our high school graduates will become unemployed within the coming five years.



The following is a publication of the National School Boards Association. Click here to see it. This is their text IN RED explaining the importance of elected local school boards. The COMMENT is ours.

The Importance of Local Governance
in Public Schools

There are six key reasons why local governance is the best way to advance public education, according to the National School Boards Association: