Reference1: Robotics 1.
Reference2: Robotics 2.
Reference3: Half of jobs may be gone in less than ten years.
Reference4: Robots have been taking jobs.
Reference5: Low skill workers face challenge.
Reference6: Future of jobs.
Reference7: What are robots, will they take our jobs.
Reference8: Middle class workers are losing their jobs to robots
Reference9: Anesthesia robots deliver sedation in some medical procedures
Reference10: McDonalds replacing employees with robots
Reference11: Robots threaten jobs
Reference12: Experts believe that one third of jobs will be replaced by robots within ten years
Reference13: Computers making decisions in robotics
Reference14: Robots replace 5 million human jobs
Reference15: Science Daily
Reference16: BBC: Robotics
Reference17: Many examples of artificial intelligence today at the heart of robotics
Reference18: How a brick laying robot builds a house
Reference19: Example of pizza making via robots is advancing
Reference20: Robots replacing construction workers
Reference21: hotel staffed with robots,
Reference22: Shenzhen China, FOXCONN, a million workers replaced. China and Japan have much better education results than we do. Their objective is clearly to provide the best quality services or products at the lowest cost in a competitive market without falling behind in either quality, performance or cost.
Reference23: The effect of robotic and software automation on jobs.
Reference24: Supermarket automation with robots and only three workers,
Reference25: How do robots plan and make decisions
Reference26: Robotic nurses making decisions
Reference27: Alberta, Canada, one of the best in education worldwide, is trying to adapt to automation in the work place
Reference28: Creating superhumans by 2050
Reference29: Pew Research report on advantages and disadvantages of robotics
Reference30: US Army is turning to robot soldiers (more than 10,000 in use in 2017) because artificial intelligence is surpassing most high school graduates. It used to be a very good opportunity for high school grads to get an excellent education free. Also with robotics the Military-Industrial Complex is making a lot more money.
Reference31: Dr. Ray Kurtzweil previously forecasted these major robotic events for 2045. His current forecast indicates an incredible acceleration in the development of robotics and biological computing. That in turn means an incredibly high number of high level new jobs with high pay, but requiring a higher level of education in math and science.
Reference32: New jobs: Manufacturing in space for space and earth use with 3D printing: The Beginning.
Reference33: Emerging robotics bring major changes to the US Military.

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